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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Finished: Cropped Lovikka Cardigan

The frost killed some of my geranium (Swe. Pelargonier), and all the leafs turned to yellow on the trees, and are dropping fast. The frost really froze bad tonight, and I heard the first snow is getting closer. Then it is perfect with the designer duo "Lutz and Patmos" design for a warm winter cardigan. Very much texture, and rather dressy... Yarn is Lovikka yarn (which in this case must have been spun loosely by Gotland fleece - not the normarl felted Lovikka feeling....) Anyhow, I cannot swear what brand, but it is bought at "Boden" in Värmland. Also a very quick knit - and one of the items I started in the Cast on Mania. It does not have buttons (but maybe should have?) so I put a shawl-pin to hold it together. This is my 16 sweater this year to the left - and I am almost done with the next one (for mom!). Of course I have set goals. First it was 12 - now it is 24 before years end, and maybe - dream number (stretch) is doing 30!
Otherwise the sailboat is up on land and packed for winter. We set a new record in fixing it this year. That feels good! Have a nice week!