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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Pulau Dayang Bunting, Lace Yoke Top, Langkawi and K.L.

You would think this was the pool, even if the resemblance of the colour is great. No - here we swimmed with the sharks and like an aquarium.. so many beautiful colourful fish. Giant and small Scalare, Sharks, Barramundi (almost 2 meters), and wonderful clownfish, black spikey sea Urchins.. I can only say WOW! A life-time experience in a day. And yes, where but in Malaysia! A wonderful land - food and great service. Im a fan! We are of course doing the Coral snorkelling swim outside Langkawi Island, where we have had a great week! I mean, the beach is from the sun chair! where I knit! What do I knit? Well OF course! The Lace Yoke Top from the Knit1 is the perfect cotton knit. I found an old cotton yarn in stash from Rome, Italy called "EuroFlax" 560 meters in one ball... knit on babe, and yes, I think ONE ball ;-) is the entire top in the picture... OK, picture taken on the boat, so not the best Quality! Ohhh ,I have so much to tell you! What a fantastic vacation! There is no words for this! I mean First we went to Kuala Lumpur (for those who do not know what KL stands for.. but you expect people to know LA and NY doya? Just kiddin! I guess some rest, a good massage (the only thing Swedish so far) and a record number of swims in the luxurious pool, and the Hot-tub warm sea. I mean, it is so hot in the sea that it DOES NOT COOL YOU OFF! The pool is just slightly colder...., but also close to 28 or 30... but after a few days, you think anything below 25 degrees is chilly... I'm burned having missed some spots of my sunfactor 30...Well, Great food, great service. Wonderful singing birds! And great company! What else do you need? I guess I should tell you about the two yarnshops in KL. Both of them located (just around from Times square bldng), called Sungai Wang Plaza had TWO: I just love Jet Sun, where I found a great fellow knitter chatting away, and many many great knitting books (no, I do not shop yarn anymore.... LOL), and yes they do have SILK yarn, but I was good, I almost need a diploma for being so good. And Lily's Handicraft also have yarn especially I spotted Zara yarns, but restrained myself. Thinking I might come back to KL sooner rather than later. Instead I freaked out on beads (the glass beeds) where the biggest bag went for nothing.. I mean, arrgh, that was so cheap, and Im so mad I did not bring less with me (so I would have room in bags!) Husband will of course carry nicely ;-) Cotton is so great on summer burnt legs. Do I recommend Malaysia? Yepp definitely! What are you waiting for? It is a long plane trip but yes, You can always KNIT!