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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Last report from North America and FO: Seattle Noro Sweater

Mt St Helena without its top. I was actually in US as an exchange studen when this happened. Big drama. I even have a little bag of dust from it, that a friend brought me. Cool to see for real. Well, US is really floating into the background now, when the handimen (polish) are making a bathroom outof nothing. It sure sounds like a Vulcano eruption.... and also a lot of dust... But great guys. Silent, hard-working and smelling good. A handiman that smells good is a good omen. I do not want to start my bathroom with B.O. of someone! Sorry.... Seinfelt on telly.... hmm... Anyhow, I sort of realized why no one is anywhere in Sweden is because of the Olympics.... I have totally missed that notion, and yet I hold a Goldmedal from my winter olympics, when I knitted a coat. Well, Im just struggling with my sock KAL in slow motion. Actually I finished a pair of socks today (but I keep them for tomorrow!). Too be really cool, this picture is taken in Olympia (haha....) - the name of the pennisula and national forest not far from Seattle. Ok, it is "near"... since we are rummaging the beach. It is so amazing. So much great beach and so cold water. Poor west coast of US. But the sun is great. And as you can see everything is BIG in the US. Every tree, every beach, every meal. So it is not the most flattering posing in my fishished sweater I do.... I knitted it on the vacation. It was really fun. The Seattle Noro Sweater - or is it Noro Seattle Sweater? Of course an invented desigh. Yarn bought at Knittery (on SALE!) and finished during the vacation, and shown next to the hotel pool. It is actually some wool, and it is very warm, even if most is cotton. I was worried about the neck, but that really worked out. I have enough to make a headband and maybe a net-bag as well... we see. Ipod cosy? Hmmm.... At least I got some knitting done... And a whole lot of yarn. and some really great memories. I love the walks in the forest...Sorry for ranting... I should bring you the picture of the sushi-pigout before we went. Also Seattle had some great dim-sum, but no real Curry Laksa. We guess no malaysian lives in Seattle (and drives a resturant...). Happy enough we got that confirmed on google, the new travel companion ;-) Well, we are happily home as you guessed. Im back knitting socks and sweaters. Soon back to work. Hope you enjoyed the trip..... I think the yarn will fill the year in many ways.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

North American West Coast (4) Vancouver, B.C. Canada

Butchard gardens. As I remember it, one of the highlights 25 years ago, when I was touring the North American continent for three month (on my own!). Today it is a spectacle. Too expensive, too many people that pushed their carts in your ankles, and too much summerflowers in bad taste colour combinations. I realized that I have become a garden diva too. Some years ago I was a secretary in the Stockholm garden lovers society (STA) and I guess learning about plants, and frequent visits to the master class - all the english wonderful gardens have made me yet another "besserwisser". I realize plantcolours are taste, but it seemed so wasteful to have 200 similar plans in two colours, instead of having a mix of perennials with different highlighting times. The japanese garden was fantastic though, and this border (picture)was an exception. But, after this, I was really sad. Not at all the tranquil stroll to grasp beauty, but shuffeling and shoving with a screaming eyesore of plantings. Rows, yikes. So Husband was a gem, and took me to the nearest yarnshop, Beehive in Victoria. Absolutely a solace. I bought much too much of the Canadian yarns "Handpainted" and hmm....what was that other copying colour.... hmm F... something. Oh boy was I happy. I was stroking my yarn when we went to the super good japanese dinner, before hitting rainy Vancouver. That is how I remember it last time, it was cats and dogs all then time then, 25 years ago, and still is. Gothenburg is not even near. Bergen might be. Anyhow, Vancouver was work for me, but instead of visiting Whistler as we booked, the road had diappeard behind a rockfall, so the way around was 9 hour drive instead of 2, so we cancelled. And again, husband allowed me to visit three shops. The first. Birkeland brothers was not a hit, but had a lot of fleece, and some discounted second sortings of Handpainted yarn..... (yummy)... ps. Avoid the husband. He was almost insulting. But Wife great!... Then just up the road Main Street was the greatest shop, Three bags full. Filled with goodies. And great people there. Look both for inside and outside pics. To the right is supposedly the lace knitter expert. Now, I forgot the name. I was still checking here fab shawls in the store and getting lost in the yummy lace yarn. And Kogiou and ....They were even so nice that they actually so nice that they recommended a competitor! That is what I call service! I asked them if there was one other yarnshop we should visit in Vancouver, what would that be? And they said - Urban yarns. For that, Go to Three Bags Full! Great yarnshop. Great expertise, super yarn. Honest people. Now Urban Yarns is located in a great area, and the shop was packed. And - they have a sale. I think that really is nice ;-) So I found some great baby alpacka for mittens, and also some more daisy circular, and some more treasures. Wahaha... just wait. I have not even STARTED with pictures of all the yarn I bought. I feel I sure have spent all my leasure money for this year. I hearby promise I will not buy any more yarn 2008 - UNLESS I need to finish a piece! And I promised mom some sockyarn!
Not even an exception for a Bohus kit, sigh. This means, no yarn festival this fall either. Yes, It is patient husband outside Urban yarns. And he just beat my record in Wii Fit Slalom. Sigh. 2 more days of vacation. And I have lost a sock somewhere.. in my house. And I need it to measure to the first one. Well, I think this almost - bring us to the last chapter in our vacation..Still one more to come. Hugs out there!

Monday, August 11, 2008

NAWC (3): Mt Rainer, and Pomatomus sock started

Ok, do you see me in the first picture? With wonderful Mt Rainer above. We were superlucky and had the best weather for out climb quite a bit up that mountain (4 hours up, 1.5 down!)over snow and just fantastically beautiful sunshine day. Im not fit to it, but again, Im a stubborn willpowered girl, so all nice americans thought I needed their sunscreen, well, I tell you, bad shape. (btw..But already 3 days on the Wii fit is making wonders. It is just so fun. I had no idea I could love exercise!) Anyhow, Mt Rainer is just near Seattle. Clean air and silent. We slept over and enjoyed a greattalk about the 3 tribes of native americans in the area. Ok, I was finished with my Noro Cardigan by this time, and started on the July Knitty-sock Pomatomus in South West tradings Bamboo yarn. I can tell you, I should have gone done one size in yarn and needle, but I would not know until the first sock was done. I know this is a super popular pattern, but for some strange reason, it is not mine. Maybe it steals to much concentration from the beautiful surroundings, and I do mistakes and have to frog. The yarn is yummy soft and such a hit, I bought some more balls. Approx 14 USdollars for a ball.To be honest, the pattern and the stranded yarn here did not fit together either. This is a pattern that should be knitted with a one colour yarn in my opinion. But definitely not super easy. Ok, typical Yarn Harlot pictures. But it was fun. I really got the crowed laughing and definitely some ladies nodding in secret understanding. "Us knitters togheter. Im so amazed with the US knitting crowed. It is such a big hit - and such comeradery. I feel welcome and apprechiated. Again, a great time hereand this few days in the mountains was actually at the end of our journey, (ok Im no telling this in order, sorry)... but really was great. A kickstart in the new and healty lifestyle of garngamen. Well, I do have more pictures than the blogger can hold. Im getting more and more concerned I have to move from here. Well, we see what is happening. I feel I spend most of my time in Ravelry anyhow. And knitting of course. That is the minus. to much time on computer - to little knitting and exercise. But, this vacation has been such a rest, a kick into new life. I feel soo much better. Really slept well. And up early, and no problem falling asleep as Im usually having. I guess I have stressed down a bit. Take care and more to come.....