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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Tour de Fleece. Day 3 - Navajo/Andean plying..

So day three. New fleece. This is plain swedish (estonian?) wool from UlloMera. It is again spun on my spindle, and for the first time a did the "bracelet" thing - navajoe 2-ply or as some call it "andean plying". Very smart indeed. The fleece-has two colours, but I have done nothing really. I know I should soak it and hang to dry in the hank, but instead I just made it directly to the hank. So - an entire days worth. I would knit this in 5 ok, 10 minutes.... so much yarn needed. But I still have a lot as you can see. I am not really happy with final result, but that is life. Practice makes it better. We have all been beginners, right?

Monday, July 11, 2011

Tour de Fleece! Spinning!

Ok, I am still knitting, but there is Tour de Fleece going on (of course, you are -when you are "spinning" supposed to look at the bicycle-race in Tour de France....I am still spinning my own "wheels".

Since it was some years ago I did spinn my first day spinning on the right, and today on the left - it is definitely a bit uneven, but getting better... but it still has a bit of lumps and bumps, of it was "perfectly even" it would not look handspun... but of course - one should train so one CAN do "perfectly even" first. This is just the first thread.. the singles, z-spun, then two together becomes the well balanced 2-ply thread... this is of course called "plying"...

So, my little goal is to do some just for the fun of it for a few days. Each of this is not very long but it is one hour spinning on each... Thank you for the nice comments on my blog - for my mittens.... I thought I just told you a few posts back CarrieK, about my title on my thesis. Read the text, LOL! I know. I also mostly look at the pictures. Fleece is from Kartehuset.dk (at the syfestival).. superfine merino (16my) with camel, alpacka and silk. Lovely to spin.