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Friday, June 01, 2007

ECF- Peonies

No-one missed that I ran out of yarn. I have now a very short shrug, with a very wide neck. But I have two yarn balls that is "sort of" similar in colour but in other yarn qualities. One Iro and one Silk garden. Im planning (worst case) a Silk garden "neck". I will wait for all you wonderful people that nicely saying they should check around in there yarnshops. I will of course put this fantastic Noro Cohoran "shrug- with hope of being a sweater" into a wait state for a while. Anyhow, then - It is time to dig up some other UFO. Im going to Arvika (and Fantasy- yarnshop) to celebrate my husbands granny getting 90 years. And then Monday rush rush for 6 days in Grenoble- France! So might be some hidden angora-shop (haha) there - it IS close to the ALPS so they cannot only have baby acrylics ;-) But If Im awake sunday - you might get a short update otherwise - This blog is sniffing peonies (working) and knitting somewhere else.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Secrets in Garden of Eden!

Next project is growing out of my new knitting friendly handbag. Noro- Yes, Kochoran- yes. Nr 10 - does not exist in Sweden (and Denmark anymore).. If you find 1 or 2 hanks in your LYS I would definitely reimburse you! But - Not enough yarn speaks to creativity. I just love this colourway - it is to bad

Eisaku do not understand how well it fits the Nordic "blue hour". Anyhow- thank you for your nice comments. It feel a little vulnerable for exposing myself, but hey - nothing for a Pippi double! Anyhow - the mast is on, and the sweet peas are planted next to suger peas. Anyhow - the garden is amazing. I have never had such a bloom of rhododendrons - Truely the first mild winter. And having Tulips, peonies and Tall bearded Irises next to syringa. It is amazing. I could post every day with all the flower shots (at least until Im done with this knitting!) Well, Mary, what do you know. Im going to Grenoble for a week 4-9th of June, so Ill be in France too. Busy schedule visiting research labs - but also time for Chartreuse munks. Then we (hubby and I) discuss if it is Midsummer at the Riviera- I have some work that weekend I should do - but hey - largest holiday in Sweden is something you want to spend in the sailboat. Decisions. I just love theese decisions - how fortunate Im that I have a choice.