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Thursday, November 27, 2008

FO: Hourglass Socks

The Hourglass Socks are finished. Three pictures with and without flash, inside and outside. Same socks. And - the warm colour is probably the one most close to reality. It is just too dark to really get the pictures right. These socks almost broke my aim to do all socks for the StickaMera SockKAL. But Im not really giving up yet. Still hanging in there. These were knitted in Alpacka SOX yarn. A strange yarn, with the fuzziness of Alpacka, but strong as the nylon few procent to make it durable. But, no sproing, no elastisity. Perfect October sock colours, soft and nice.... But I also suspect they are a little to big, and also hard to shrink. So, another choice of yarn had probably made this a smoother ride. And I also have another hank of this yarn, other colourways.
Otherwise, I wonder what is really good sockyarn. Also, the socks should not only be pretty, so heavy cabling on the foot? No, that will not fit in normal shoes. I went for socks I could wear. So, the choice is limited. Of course I want them pretty. But next year Im picking socks I have chosen. Maybe do my own patterns... well, the year is not over so I still have to knit on. My cold is still holding a firm grip, congesting my head, making me cough, and filling my lunghs.... with... no, not air!
There are so many great patterns out there. So, time to cast on again.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

To you Heidi: More about Knitting books...

With inspiration from Heidi's comment on last post, I guess I should have a look at some more books: Favorite are anything Alice Starmore: Scottish Collection, especially. Musty, complicated and just wonderful fair-ilse as well as the fab pcitures in Tudor Roses, Celtic Collection and the great know-how in her Fair-Isle. Aran is on the way. Best Swedish book is: Britt-Marie Christoffersson with Svenska Tröjor (Swedish Sweaters) - also translated to English! Best german speaking book: Oma's Strick- geheimnisse meaning, Grandma's knitting secrets (or something). There you have all swatches you ever want, great knitting patterns. Also "Heirloom Knitting" with Sharon Milles should be in your library for lace galore. Then "Håndplagg" by Heidi Fossnäs (Norweigan) together with S. Hisdahls "Poetry of Stiches" and the great "Norsk Strikkedesign". Ahhh, those are books with fab knits, pictures to druel for and.... Also Love Debbie Newtons "Knitware Design" or was it Designing knitware? That was a interesting read. She knows her stuff. Otherwise Im not buying very much now days. (since I have it all ;-) The best patterns is on Raverly - and is free. And after a while, the magazines will keep you up to fashion. Anyhow, a good fair-ilse, aran and some great yarn, will ensure every project will survive fashion. For fiber freaks Handpainted Country is cool...Well, I also have the real Hermanna Stengård in my library.. Very old Swedish knitting. Avoid books, well DoRedo is definitely one of them. I actually saw some japanese cut up a Bohus sweater on one of their workshops (at the museum). It is like cutting up Picasso, because he is productive. Oh, of course the Bohus books are worth everything.. And the new Binge is not bad either. To teach knit in books are a waste of space. There is tons of videos on the net. Books should be patterns and pictures, and maybe some stories. Any "copy heritage from a place Im not" is also pretty lame.... exploitation. But I guess we forgive some of them for bringing us patterns otherwise locked into a Estonian mind. Like the "scandinavian knitware" from Starmore, such a laugh, she had no idea where she was, writing it- Ok, she compensated later. But do not waste any money there. Pricilla Gibson's cartoons sweaters are much better, but still a bit off, or Nordic Knitting, by Viebke Lind...(was it?),is quite ok. The "1000 patterns" is bad, it seems to have dropped the batch of knitting cards, since all places and patterns are in a mix avoid. Again. What is good and bad is taste. We all loved the Loop-d-loop knitting book, and disapponted on the crochet... I think it is hard to do great over and over. I mean Wendy has a great blog, but her book is a sleeping pill (sorry). I know exactly what book gets my juices flowing, and lately, I seem to have all of the ones I want. I realize Im over-booked. Also, Over-stashed. That means I can hibernate in my yarn room for years, and become one of those old ladies, with outdated patterns that will rant in the home k1, 2tog,yo, K3, p2, k3....like a mantra. Ha, what a sight. Jolly knitting!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

OT: Books and Cold...

Garden today. Snow, cold, and with the "blue light" that is typical of Swedish winter. It is one hour before the sun goes does in the afternoon that has this mysterious light. It reflects the way we look at white. I was out shopping for gifts, when I found a new Swedish book "Sticka Mera", containing my friend Nicoles fab knits. The book otherwise the usual lecturing for beginners and too many swatches...but a a copy-cat Bohus was not too shabby, as well as the some of the other sweaters. Nicole shined, her beads were visible! The other book - designing a Knitware collection - had all the inspiration I desier. Of course geared at commersial machine-knits, it had all the essential designers, all the 1900 knitware influences, with many inspiring colour combinations. Found a pair of really complicated socks in intarsia the inspired my juices. Or... was the the mounth full of Lindt 85% choclate, with hubby's best Caffe Latte (you know, done with that special ingredient - love!)... Hmm. I guess Im so passed the usual knit-books. More of "very advanced knitting" please. Must I write it myself? No, I have no time. Anyhow, here is winter, and the usual cold is coming - as always - when the temprature drops below freezing. Oh? You did not get that? Cold outside AND I have also got the cold ;-), Attjo! Typical... when the deadlines are slamming around me like the wind is howling outside. Ohh knit, comfortable knit. Where are those days you were allowed to be sick, and not had to work?