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Thursday, June 15, 2006

Plans, life and very little time for knitting....

I'm going to a course at FÄRGKRAFT (colour-power!) with Margret Kållberg in Töreboda (Lyrestad). I know everyone else is going either to Skåne for "Speede-tröjor" (Special Southern Sweden old age, looks a bit like the danish "Natt-tröjor", Night sweaters...) which is knitting on the thinnest needles with the thinnest yarn, one colour, but using purls to to star patterns, and It uses embroydery bands to decorate the end of the sleeves and the square front neck. It is usually tight and fitting with one button and a opening in the back to. Well, I have already been on two courses in Speede, and even if I really come from Skåne (dad's side) so, It is on my list. But not now. The others are doing a one day cruise to Åland. Not a bad idea. Probably very nice too. Well, I decided I would go - many month ago. I will learn more about colouring from one of the masters in Sweden. See some of her colour mixes at YlloTyll here. My plan is to bring some of the tricky yarn I have not been confident to colour yet. My cashmere for instance ;-) and some alpacka. Dearest Ms hpnyknits, I guess I'm lucky! You bother to comment on my blog. I do have a friend far way acorss the world. Knitting is great. I love my garden. I have someone (between puppy and Ewok - yepp, my husband) that really likes me. And - today, when my work day felt like "disastero", some project manager walked in - and want me to go to US, North Carolina. Do they have yarnshops? suddenly life felt so much better. Doesn't matter how many peonies or yarnballs you have, if you cannot fully enjoy it, grasp it, let it come inside and WARM your heart it is never enough. I have this theory, we have a tendency to long for things we do not have.
So, I long for a NY and all the yarnshops in US... a good woolfair would do the trick. How long will that last? Until someone is grumpy. Why can't I be indifferent? Im just sensitive. Anyway, thyme colour is ok. Green and purple, that is one of my set up for this weekend. And of course, I have to pick up my "endless knitting" nr 42..the two-coloured brioche in Färgkrafts lime and green. That could be something. To cheer you up, a knitting picture from Estonia - Tartu Museum. Great Mitten! Almost speede quality, but too many colours!

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

O.T. Garden frenzy and Spin-off review

Lilacs in blume. I have "Beauty of Moskow", "Katherine Havemayer", "Mme Lemonie", "An denken an Ludvig Spät", here is "Pink Glory" above, and below "Sensation" one of my favorites colourwise. And then two "farmer lilacs" that smells wonderful. So, I'm confessing not knitting! Im killing lice on my roses, death to the lily beatle, and then just drawing weeds. But the heat. It is frying my brain. Terrible and fantastic work-day. Not even trying is enough some days. A lot of people are ready for vacation, grumpy men... In the middle of the day, an email came from colourway. Fast, nice and reliable. OK. Spanish word of the day (hubby's fault) Ovillo - which means garnnystan (swe) or hank, yarn ball. Heat. I blame it on the heat. Spanish vibes... Anyhow, my computer is also adding on the heat in my lap) Notice, in Sweden aircondition inside is less near null (we might have it in our cars!)
So, Spin-Off came today from Interweave. A surprisingly good number. I was on the bringe of dropping it, but the Estonian puppets are great (Carol Rhodes and Any Kotli) two fantastic women I met on the Nordic Knitting symposium. Now, I realize they are in Island, and I could have gone. But, I felt so alone there, maybe it brought back a lot of the sorrow from Estonia. Well, not
dwell on that. Spin-off had a great discussion about balancing the yarn. Great, more technical articles and hints. Well, we were discussing peonies. This yellow one is called P. "High Noon". Bloomed for the first time. I have a long list of Peonies. (Molly the witch P. Mlokosewitchi) (which also has a beautiful yellow, sulfur colour), 3 white in blooming right now P. Fen Dian Ban (Phoenix white), P. Goidaishu, and one more...Just leaving are P. Potanini bluming for the first time (redish brown), two P. teunifolia (dillpion), one simple and one double, P. Mai Fleury are showing their last. And this is just a sample. I got as maniac on my peonies as I am on yarn.