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Sunday, August 21, 2011

FO Hatifnatt and IMACOM

Training and the finishline for my Thesis. So much work, so little time. And I am training. Today almost an hour! I am hurting in every muscle, but that is what

to be expected. It is crazy. It is called IMACOM. For a long time I tried to make it "Ignore" month of August Cast On Mania. But I succumbed and it became the real Inofficial COM. I started with a hat - Hattifnatt to start. Took just a few hours to knit, but the tassel was a week of procrastination. Do not believe I do not knit, I knit - therefore I am... But all is almost there. And I also did a frogleg (ha.. could not resist that!!) I mean - I frogged (ripped back the yarn) of a leg on the shorts I am knitting. And then my dear Scotish friend inspired me to really go for it - Dahlia. This is the lace-panel on the back - great is it not? Yarn - Cashba from Handmaiden. Lush - scrumptious yarn. Merino, cashmere and yeah Nylon.... but spongy and great definition. It is a sock yarn, but I hope it will work for this project. Also started something more, but again torn inbetween "finishing" and starting new. Ignore or Inspired... Hard to tell! But still going stronger!