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Sunday, June 22, 2008

FO- Hydrangea socks... and Midsummer

Some calls it paradise. Some just say - it is Midsummer in Sweden. 1000s of Roses are blooming in my garden. This is Henri Martin a moss-rose that together with white Kiftsgate and Gerbe Rose are swallowing my rose-pergola. Venusta Pendula - white with red edges has also just bursted, and the yellow Honey Rose have 1000s of buds. Flammentanz is still building up its dark red, Ghiselande de Feligond in apricot and finally the wonderful white Mme who is like a bride in a parade. With this Canadian rose Louise Bugnet also white in red bud, and all the other scented pink, rose and white, stong flowering rose bushes, and oh the dear pink Celeste.. I almost forgot the only purple teinted Violette climber. Ahh Roses, finally all years of planting and killing lice, feeding them and pamper them, has payed off. 10 summers in this house, 10 years since we got married. All these roses together with 30+ some peonies are celebrating us. Im in heaven with my husband. Midsummer the greatest time in Sweden. Light almost all night. Im home. In this, I finished my Socks, called Hydrangea socks. A gift from a dear friend, Hila in New York. Sundara yarn and pattern. They feel like cotton, but no, they are treated wool. A "twisted" pattern, fun to knit. But no sailing as I hoped this weekend. The strong rain have also broken the heavy peonies, the winds have scattered rose leaves all over, the gusts winds are definitely to much for us and we have been running in and out to avoid getting drenched. Final decisions on bathrooms... and some cleaning in the house. And the frist "feel" of summer holidays. 2 days off - with the weekend, and holiday - 5 days off work. And it has just disappeard. How was your midsummer and weekend? We cheer you with a Tattinger. Still as good as 10 years ago. Celebrate light, love and roses (and occasionally a finished sock!)