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Saturday, February 11, 2006

Os-Knitting has started!

GO team Sweden! My friend did a knitblog for us Swedish patriots... anywayMy project - the winter coat was started. Now I realize I should have checked gauge and counted a bit more careful, but it was such an interesting start of the OS! From Pavarotti to Sophia Loren, Allende and Susan Sarandon. Wow- Peter Gabriel felt a bit old. I have not swatched enough - and this morning, I measured my coat (it was to the floor), now it is FROGGED! And I re did it- I will do the "fine lady's cape" pattern, which naturally curls a bit, and is good for my non-flat body. I'm knitting vertically, so it doesn't hang out. Anyway, it is Lovikka from Kempe and Colinette point 5 in 7mm! And Sweden ladies have bet Russia in Hockey! 3-1! Wow. They were great. I decided on a realitivly simple pattern, so I could keep up with the OS on TV. Also, I'm doing pockets, which concerns me as much as having time to blog a bit. Took a break and revisited Maria's Yarn again, for a closer look, when it wasn't yammed packed. Still very busy. I doub't she will be able to close at two on saturdays. I got some 50 Mohair 50 wool in white from Estonia. TO socks I think.

Well the good news is that the Hemse Stickstämma are on the send out, so I was worried for no reason. It will come next week. So relax friends. Anyway back to knitting my OS entry. Will I make it? Will it be great, wearable and functional? And will the yarn be enough? I might give you a picture on the progress.
Meanwhile a closeup on Lopi mittens.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Latvian Mitten Latgale in progress

This is a hazy picture of the Uptis latvian mitten attempt, and it is Latgale 16d. The first very time consuming 42 rounds. The yarn is Baby-Silk Alpacka (Indicita) in white and grey and the medium blue is Jaeger Alpacka 4ply. I'm happy with the texture, and knitting on 1.75 mm. It feels great, spongy. I have cast on 80 and I have small/medium womens hand. I will probably need to make it a bit larger no entering the hand, so it is not too tight. One thing I advice is that maybe have a tint of darker blue, since the contrast between grey and blue is a bit hard to detect. I still love the soft colours, that fits great to the swedish "blue hour" - the slow winter light when the sun goes down.

Monday, February 06, 2006

Fantastic - I managed to kill an already posted post!

So, have you read my blog lately (i.e. between sunday and now)? Did you notice my PRAISE for MARIAS YARN OPENING just disappeard? if you did. Sorry. It is gone. But, what do I have to contribute - It is said best on Marika (Stickigt)s blog. Well, Sorry - but not my fault. Hardware trouble. I will come back. More pictures. More comments. So, I'm doing rehearsal for the Olympics. Knitting a mitten in no-time! What? Latvian of course! So my winter-coat. I'm thinking to go down in size in smaller needles. I'm also worried that I do not have yarn enough. Anyone knitted a winter-coat in Lovikka? talk to me! BTW: The one moth is found dead!

Dearest Husband - Bohus and Lopi!

After initial blogproblems (started friday), where there is an inconsistency between my managed posts and the actual blog, I keep trying getting back online. SO, to the left. The hubby in the ready Bohus! Finally ready to dig into other stuff. Started August 2004- sept 2004 (the yoke) and then waiting for better times to nov-2005. Ready Jan 2006. Does he love it? Yepp. Yarn-package from Solsilke.

To the right the very sameposing in his last years lopi sweater (3 weekends). Cap 1 day, and mittens 2 days (the mittens, this christmas). Yarn (well, 3 strands of those carded but not spun wool) from Halla (Pattern from Lopi). Fun and fast to knit.