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Saturday, December 27, 2008

FO - Lopi Sweater deisgn 19 book 12 - reworked

Finally finished. Still a quick-knit. Alafoss Lopi with the einband "plötulopi" is fast knit - if rolled 3 for 1. Needle 7mm. I did use the general pattern from book 12, design 19, and changed it around. I was Inspired by the pattern Sigridur from the book "The Best of Lopi"... and thus added to pockets and opened the neck. Also I did short-rows to lift the pattern in the neck (4 of them). The neck is a open an high, and will have an added layer of alpaca (so it is a bit smoother to the chin and cheek) on the inside. I can see how it roll now. I also swapped colours around, - adding white (a fourth colour) and just played around in the order. But basically, it is the same pattern. 30 hours of knitting was what Halla suggested, and I thought - that is too much, but no, I think she is really on the spot. Warm and really cosy. Definitely something to wear in the chilly Swedish winter. Not a white Christmas here. Frosty - yes, but I hear that the snow fell elsewhere. So, time to dive into the next Lopi. Well, thank you all for your nice wishes. We have had a great holiday. too much food of course. Relaxing. Fab knitting time. I wish you all a great holiday for you all. All Merry and a Happy New Year!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Winter solastice--- Fruit cake and Ham!

Boiled, than grilled shortly for the crust, is the typical Christmas food for us. Ecological ham.... sorry all veggies. Yummy.. some are VERY tight about it not being eaten before Christmas EVE - which is the BIG day here. Well, the two of us are not THAT traditional. We love the food, skip the tree this year, but got some stars in the window. Today it was so slow.. well, except for the food. Hubby did most anyway. I did a Fruit cake. This year filled - as always with goodies. It is after all 14 wonderful years we have been together me and hubby... it was this magic night - a Christmas party.... 1994 that in the darkest hour love found us!... Great is it not? Ok, for you... here is:
Garngamen fruitcake: Snip in small pieces a small bowl (totally about 1 pound, or should I say approx 500g) of half-dryed figs, apricots, cranberries, rasins) pour half a squeezed orange, and the graded crest of the same together with 100g (a airline bottle) of fine conjac over it... Let stay overnight well tucked in. Then add another half cup of Glögg (mulled wine) over the fruits. mix 250-300g of soft butter in another bowl with farin (dark brown) sugar approximate 1 cup. Whip. Then 4-5 eggs whipped on the side and mix togheter. Now- put half the fruitmix with the sugar/butter and egg-mix. Add about 2 cups of normal flour. Mix well, Add about 200 g of chopped almonds, and whatever nuts you fancy (I had pecan this year) and then mix... Then I added cardemom (a tbspoon) and cinnamon (a tbspoon) add more flour (slowly) not more than 3 cups, until it is a bit more steady.. it should be "clickable" but not too steardy! Then in the oven in an appropriate big ovenproof shape. 175 degrees celcius for one hour. It will not rise much, and should rest (the longer the better!) Then sprits some sugar (we call in florsugar probably from Flour sugar... since it is like powder!) one half eggyolk and this sugar (1 dl which is 3/4 of a cup approximate) mix, and then make a pattern... sprinkle... and I also sprinkled some pomme-granade. This is of course all eaten up, when the cake is wrapped. Enjoy!