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Saturday, December 23, 2006

God Jul - Merry Christmas!

God Jul alla vänner och våra kära familjer!
Merry Christmas to all my friends, knitbloggers and family!

Take care, and we hope all your dreams and wishes will comes true! Breathe and think peace! With love, from all of us to all of you!

And to all knitting bloggers, yes, that is the new cerise wrap-around.

Friday, December 22, 2006

Dan före dan före dopparedan...

The day, before the DAY, before the dipping day (is the translation of the title of today). Dipping-day, is when you dip in the ham-broth on christmas. We celebrate the Christmas- evening in Sweden. Not Christmas Day. Maybe it is because Santa is busy in the anglosaxian world (hihi). Do you like my little Santa? Mom did it for me when I was small. I still luv him. So, an extremly lousy picture, but - Yes, Im done with it. Maybe the wrap-around need some posing to do it justice. I have had it to work once. It was warm. It is such a warm winter. Green this year, which is not that common, but we do had a short spray of cold and white, which now is melting. I have been struggling with my cold, and still trying to get my work done, which basically have left me with no energy for anything. I call this "survival mode" but I guess in all perspective, that is not really true (compare to some unfortunate parts of the world).
But, The flue/cold have also hitted the knitting nerve. Or is is a Post-knitting depression? After cheerful cerise- quickknit, I usually dig in to something I have started with good energy. Im so energy drained. The worst part is all these GREATchirstmas cards pouring in. I have written none. Not that I do not care, Im just out of it. OK. Time to stop being a bore. So, Panik. What should I do? I mean. Look at the "small" pile of "ongoings", that have started to build in my library. No. this is not the yarn room. Here I have my WIP' KALs. Hanne Falkenberg to the bottom left. Tudor Roses on top right. Bottom right is fleece for spinning. Top left you might recognize my Malabrigo/Kuyeron enterlac. OK: I picked up this mess in the right picture, lying next to the christmas Calender shawl, which Im desperately behind in. Especially when I realized I have not followed pattern (it was a picture in it, that I missed until NOW). So I would have know. Ambigious instructions. For sure.Anyhow, I hoped that this mess would be a quick knit to finish. The Twisted Floated Shrug, One sleeve and some yarnstumps and hopefully not too much fat belly corrections.(Yes, me and hubby have already worked us through Lindt choclate-truffles, and a box of "Aladin" Two layers of yummy choclate pralines.).. Well, at least it is VERY dark. A Final "hello Mum" - She have found me! She was extatic about my OS knitting coat. Well, Why not? So, dearest busy knitting friends. What to do for hubby in two days? I guess finish my machine-knitting sweater would be an idea. (Ahhg). Anyway, I got my first real wish from my aunt. She want's a Birch in blue. Well, I will sure try. For NEXT christmas!
She doesn't blog, very safe.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Ive got it again! Bad!

Sorry fuglings! I was not well, and that horrible train-ride put me back. Yepp, I was on the train again today (shorter, just 2.5 hours x 2) and Im on my 3 big Kleenex box with a big running red nose. Not the knitting update I was planning (almost done with my cerise). Will be shown new photo when I can take a picture without dripping on it. I just so did not take care. Just ONE more important day and I can crawl back to get well cave and blog through entire holidays. Also done some serious Christmas calender knitting. Ohh! Take care! Think happy thoughts. Many! I just HATE being sick! Second round. Im not winning. Typical, when I get so good promotion from the Big country and the Big Apple over there. Well...If you are a first time visit. Do me a favor and scroll. Plz! Attjo!