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Monday, September 20, 2010

Cast On Mania continues..

I know this is a bit of stretching it, but I promise - it is both very creative and fun. Casting on a new project every day during the month of September - and of course two projects on a weekend. I am still having my personal challenge of casting on a sweater each day in the middle of this. But sneaking in gifts too.. which I partly cannot blog about. Not only do I have project planned for the next months, but also - I get a big turnover of the stash - something that feels very good indeed. So what are these projects? First a sweater for Arwen called "Just Arwen" in lavender mixing Mojärv and Cashwool.. Maybe some Misti alpaca for the cable. Then an enchated lace to the right, with lots and lots of beads. A more cerise - silk yarn from Solsilke, and beads from Malaysia. Rather wonderful actually - pattern is Next is the wonderful fair-isle from Jade Starmore - and Virtual Yarns. A kit called "Zauberflöte". Yepp, after the opera. Also very much purple. Is this purple week? I have put the pattern in the back so with good eyes you might guess what is coming...The Fa Fa Fa socks for the StickaMera Sockklubb is of course a must in the latest yarn from Ottowa. It is from Turtletoes.. Just love the name and of course the colour. The colour name was equally fun Ocean Witch! Welll, it is soft and super yummy to knit. Thas has moved into my commuting bag - meaning - the car (no I am not driving) so I got one pattern repeat today... pretty good (but terrible traffic in Stockholm crossing the town). The other pattern below is a typical dive into stash type of project. The pattern is "Ugglor i mossen" my name for the famous "Owl" pattern. The yarn is from left - a finish 3-thread called Sysky (höst/fall in Finnish if I did not toggle letters.) The middle is estonian one-thread and to the right "Förgarn" /Preyarn from UlloMera (I could definitely have one more cake of it if I find it... got to visit the syfestival to check it out - hope she is there!) The mix is wonderful and thick just into gauge. Perfect. Getting tired? Many more projects on the go. For example the Stone-circles (Ok - Hubby caught me with it - he knows..and - wants to be a part of "perfect" fit... it is great, but where is the surprise?) Rather yummy already. Twinni, Mojärv and Rauma Finull, and...I am afraid I need to go on more yarnhunt to get this right...While on designer Kaffe Fasset. In Yorkshire Tweed 4 ply I casted on another design from the guru - Flowers. It will be so great - and the yarn is "almost" enough - just a bit creative change with the background colours...(that is to the right)...These fair-isles or "stranded" patterns are both time consumng but the yarn and pattern makes it interesting all the knit. No time to relax. To the left - the wonderful pattern "Tangled Yoke Cardi" that I of course call "Tangled Joke cardi" - in memory of my difficulties to pronounce Y and mixing it with J....THe yarn - the luxury Tweed from Jaeger is an old find from Edinburgh - a Place I heard was pretty busy when MIL and FIL was just visiting....But you missed Jenners MIL, a great yarnstore on the top....where I did find this. Whiskey tasting? You so got your priorities wrong. Yarn tasting is so much more exiting. (or Yarn fondling... same thing)... Glad you are back home safe.. without too much confessions....Ok - I have some more strings I have casted on. but I think digging into this wonedful yarn - Gotland Spinneri - Sårk You can see the bucket with the yarn... and I have invented a pattern that will work for this cardi... I am so exited - I want to finish it NOW (but soon, very soon). Bu it is so soft and beautiful..... It is so exiting. This loosly spun fuzzy yarn. Gotland Fleece of course, and many natural shades of grey.. some small blue and orange to make it "just right". Now - I have one hour before I crash to bed to cast on today's knit. I am so glad I have several kits "ready to go" - not to mention a pair of sock maybe? Or the Faroese shawl? I have so many plans that my head spins... it is so fun. Really. Working hard, training hard and knitting hard. (And Painting the kitchen - very hard!) I am glad apple-time has started - somthing soft to bite on, whilst I cuddle around in my yarn collection. Have a good one!