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Saturday, June 10, 2006

Mother-in-law Poncho

Isn't it great. Mother-in-law's fitted poncho. It started like the shadow knitted shawl, and she wanted it to be in place, so it became a poncho. In this picture you can't really tell the "shadows". But does that matters. Well, we were sailing today, and I got coffe too late last nite, so I have just slept for 6 hours. So, I'm soooo tired.
But I'm with you all World wide knitters in public! Bullandö Marina has a great resturant, I must say. I also took this great picture on a Tree-peony from my garden. It is so beautiful. So much is blooming right now. Lilacs sweet sent. Sweden Tobago, still 0-0. Not much for soccer-knitting. But it confirms that I do not like small red and yellow dots running back and forth and hurting themselves. Ohh dear. Time for bed!

Friday, June 09, 2006

More knitting... what a week.

So, one day cold. One very long day in Ronneby (yepp, plane again). Knitted on Ronneby Square (people turned their head). Taxi did not want to drive me to airport, but had me wait for 40 minutes (that is small town rude for you!) But, met an ex-co-worker that took over the local yarnshop. Into Garnstudio, Idena and not much more. Some nice knitted sweaters. Some linnen cloths. But, just not that "umpf" a yarnoholic like me look for. And maybe she was not enlightened by her surroundings, that was (according to her) an acrylic set of old ladies. Small-town. Sigh. So, today my long awaited package from Vienna was picked up. A friend carried: a pair of Birkenstock in pink flowers "Papillon" (great sandals!) a whole bunch of dirty clothes, and: One box (10 balls) of Filatura di Crosa, 100% mercisered cotton in a beautiful blend of lime and greens, and purple and blues. Also, some hot pink turquoise (3 balls) and a yellow,pink small ball. Great! Like Christmas in the midsummer!
Mother-in-law was reading the Poetry of Stiches and agreed they were "my colour". Ahh, but her comment is always - I have yarn until I die. She returned the Shadow Knitting book (Vivan Höxbro) and I realized that she has greatmodels for wellbuilt women like me. As always, m-i-l had knitted a shadow knitted poncho. It started like a shalw,but she liked the idea that it stayed on, and was fitted. I will definitely sneak a picture of her. Well, the light struck the train (or some other heat) so I was stuck 1.30 min on the train from Västerås.
And, I hear all sighs and complaints, and, as a knitter, I know, the stop is not long enough...Again, I was stuck without a pattern. That is so weird. But, at I'm passed the division of front and back. Now comes my real hurdle. Deciding if I should stick with the Julia pattern, make a band and a round neck. Or... should I rework it to a V-neck more flattering to my figure? Hey. I need help. And tomorrow is day-sailing (with knitting?) It MUST BE PUBLIC ON World Wide Knitting day!

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Knitting with the wind...

Strange long weekend. I'm such a cool chick. Hey I'm the captain!Maybe I like it best at home. Nothing like a short sailing adventure, to realize how great it is drawing weeds out of the garden. Cleaning up the guest room, mother- and father in-law is coming! Cleaning meaning- throwing out about 15 large pots with geraniums from the guest room and washing the entire place, throwing out some house spiders of fist-size (ok, not THAT big, they just felt big), nothing like the huntsman we had in our house when we lived in Melbourne, Oz!
After a good long sleep, and a lot of cleaning inside, and outside. Realizing our WC is so dead (ok it is from 1959) we ordered a new one. The shower room leaks through the floor, now having us go outside down to the cellar, where of course I created a flood - the drain was not draining! I also realized that pasta sauce without leek is not as good as with, a bit sour - but lets look at the positives, a new Scrubs series on TV(finally) and HUGE progress on Julia - and a quick sneak off to Maria G's , yarnshop. Beautiful wrist-warmers exhibition and her hand-painted yarn. Wow! Well, life is getting better. Everyday and everyway. I do feel calm and cool. I'm pondering about if Yorkshire Tweed 4ply would be good for doing a Katherine of Aragon... And if the Tudor Roses Kal are wondering what the heck is going on (I will start my Catherine Parr, promise).But Julia is so seducing. Well, it is like knitting with the wind, it just flows. This is what I call knit-trance. You finally learned the 12 row pattern. Suddenly, you long for the purl rows, (notice, I have been trying to avoid purls for years), the lace just feels fun, and you know how to correct any mistake. The yarn is soft, and... you have succeeded with the size enlargement, the pattern reworked to circular.. you know what I'm talking about, doesn't matter if the life is giving you a hard time, your knitting is going great! Please let me have this bliss until Julia is finished. That would be great...

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Grisselholmen and sailknits

What a weekend. We took our lovely boat out for the first sleep-over in new islands. The sun was shining, and the wheather report was wrong about the wind direction (it turned the wrong way in the night!). So we were weaking up 7.00 sharp by one of our ties, had loosened up to from the cliffs. Well, lets just sum the ordeal up with my beloved took a dip in the very ice-cold water. And we got sunburned, and I have been knitting like a frantic. Great sailing home, but now both of us just fell asleep for hours in the sofa (it is a big one). So, now Julia knitting has reached 40cm, and should be parted into back and front (sleeves starting). And - we are one experience richer. It is cold in the sea in Sweden beginning of June, and do not trust the weather report- Tie good - And - if you only have one knit with you - bring the pattern along ;-) I'll return with some fresh pictures and more progress. But the sofa is still floating. (A common aftermath of being at sea!)