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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Stora Nassa

Knitting at "Stora Nassa", (or "big schnase - big nose, swe "stora näsan") is a well known adventure for sailers in the Stockholm archepelago in the outer area. With wonderful weather this weekend we found this calm place, which I of course used to knit. Ahh, you do not see the progress of the camisole? And my happy face? Ok, have a closer look! That smile can only come after a calm and wonderful summerday - with many dips in the cold sea. Honestly, this is in the top sailing with our dear "Alice"... Sohoho nice.... It was extra hard to be back to work. But I hope the weather stays on another weekend...My thinking around this knit is - easy.... too easy, perfect for a fried brain, but almost on the "boring side". It is time for a more complicated knit again... Many UFO's that measure up to that in the pile! So, should I go for a cardigan, or a camisole with shorter sleeves and short pants? As you see, I have long sleeves even in the evening heat (sensitive to the sun!) and with "bingowings". Im at least trying to do something about it.... but age you know....and time! We will see..Well, have a great summer you out there! And as we say in Sweden, - ja, that was a great summer day!