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Thursday, November 23, 2006

You got it! Smart knitting people!

I know I'm somewhat strange or "original", in this bad swenglish blog. And I try hard to entertain a very spoiled (?) crowed of blogging knitters. But, then it just happens (ad on tv). You got it! What are the sweet sheep doing? Of course, Top models in a knitters view. You just cannot blog without pictures. Then you loose your crowed immediately! btw (=by the way) Sorry, I sure hope in my heart I do not offend anyone. Models and sheep are of course totally different, but humor is peculiar. And Yes, figuring out WHO MURDERED someone by looking at forensic evidence (CIS, NCIS) it is the same thing as figuring out - why did I knit my enterlac sleeve, so I totally closed the sleeve-gap BEFORE realizing that I have done a serious mistake AGAIN. Second time. Rip it! It is like a POND here. Sigh. Now, I do need some smart support. I'm soon knitting the sleeve from the other way and doing a "bad fit" to make it work! Ahh, And Colin Firth. He is just one year older than me, Yummy. I agree, Google him. I do feel a bit weak for Hugh G. too, but Colin is more of a MAN. H. is "about a boy". And I did like both Timothy Dalton and Pierce B. as Bond, I'm so not sure of the new Bond. My latest favourite for some time Keanu R. has gained weight.Real Hearth throb, Mr Aragon himself - Danish Viggo Mortenson, has a soul, face and charisma and body to luve (yeah ride with him in the sunset), but finding out he is a smoker and snuffer (swe: snus) and maybe a danish drinker (hey whiskey and gammeldansk) makes him rather revolting to kiss, but I wouldn't mind spending time with him. Artist too, and poet. Ahh!. But, that image has a crack for me. (Ideal men should be flawless!) Also, back to Keanu, I have a problem with that is becoming a bit "filled" (well, I'm a big girl), but he looks like he need a good cry and less romantic dinners with Ms Pretty women.(My hubby calls her, "huge grin" and no face.). Julia R. ok. But Keanu in Point Blank. Druel. Matrix ok. Sigh! ok... this must be the good wine and dinner I had with my friends. I guess Hubby still wins any contest. That is good... Ignore all wine ramblings! Serious (ha): I do knit on travels, but lately, I have been too tired to do any real work, sleeping all over the place. Oh, I forgot Sense and sensibility. Of course. I have seen it now... hmmm 8 times? Yeah the enlish version. Remember Howards End? That is als0 good (and sad). Ahh, these romantic movies.I will never be able to knit my enterlac wrong math sleeve PhD in knitting would be better then testing. I know it is wrong!
Anyhow, this must be the most unstructured posting yet. I allow it. I have no ambition but to entertain you and me. And you are still reading?! Hey THANK YOU!! This weekend I will be on a Speede-tröjor course (swedish special sweater knitting - almost like "nattetröjor" from Denmark). And I just got a letter, there is YARN to collect at the post office. So, keep tuned. Turkish pattern. THANKS M: very nice to share it. I had no idea that was the english name. Hugs! Here it is raining and dark. MORE pictures on Speede? Ok, it is on needles 1.25mm, it is one colour. It is pattern (star) in purl. It marks seems and is a THIGHT thing, often short, since the skirts were sitting high! AND it uses nice bands for neck. That was the "luxary".(yeah, I do not need to go on the course, but it is still FUN!) I will use Twinny. I will knit it in LIGHT BLUE. I have a plan. I have a lot of plans. I luve having plans. I luve reading those comments.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

SO OT Knitting. Season Finale Top Model 6

OK, confession! I knit mostly in front of the TV. And that makes me look at a lot of TV. So favourits are: Scrubs, Star Trek, Absolutely Fab, Nanny, Mash, Top Model (Go Tyra!) and Oprah, of course occasionally a Dr.Phil, and E.R. But I like feel good movies. I Luv Forrest Gump, Sound of Music, Pretty Women and the drama I watch is Matrix and of course The Lord of the Rings trilogy. But good TV is what makes me totally need to frog several rows. No, simple knits there. So Which of the girls will win? I have no clue. I so did not agree last time, and somehow I like Jade, Diva as is, but she works hard. Arrogant? What a projection on her. Now, For real it is sooo exiting: It is Joanie.It is what they want. With fake teeth. I just hate veneers. It is Jade going out. It is CRAZY! Oh now. I always my favourite that goes. Ohh...Well. Sigh. Anyhow. Im doing a serious Enterlac fix. And it is soo difficult since it is uneven numbers of squares.

Sunday, November 19, 2006


Thank you for all your great hints about Paris. I think it mostly will be doing what my Hubby want, since he has never been. I have had many romantic trips there. Sailboat show? Hmm, great hint, Monika, but I do not want to tempt me with anything bigger than we have. Small boats, small worries, big boats, big worries! And Dear Mary! Hang on to your yarn. I truely need nothing else. Im just so glad for that. It is your thoughts that matter. So warm, the Texas heat comes all the way to the very dark Sweden. The truth is, I have too much yarn myself. Over 2 years ago my dear mother-in law told me I had enough for life. And I have not stopped buying. I think the frustration of one of my favourite yarns, the Yorkshire Tweed 4ply from Rowan was out, made me order from Angel yarns even more (enough for a good sweater) over the net last night. So, it will be a fair-ilse ala A. Starmore. Anyhow, this is my Trekking yarn (from London/ Stash). Thank you so dearest NY friend, without your encouragement - I still cannot believe we met.Makes me so happy to see you smiling in your knits. Amazing world this blogging. The Trekking yarn will be a sock some time, but it is way down on the to do list. But some updates. My green silk (both sleeves) are done, and 1 dm re-done (I do listen, sleeves FIRST!). My cerise/cyklamen I'm half way down on one sleeve, and have another to go, now syrup-knitting. Twisted floated shrug still needs one more sleeve (the one I just ripped), it should have belly extension to be wearable. And Jaeger Scotland Tweed in dark grey (Aran) I'm finally doing the last neck pattern (and then sleeves). Will be great. Tudor Roses: Catherine Parr needs ripping and reknitting from scratch. Well, I have at least decided all, so it is just GO GO GO. And Hanne Falkenberg also needs ripping and redoing (Studio 9) which I just begun. Then we havethis Matchmaker merino in Enterlac, just one sleeve to go. Needs half ripped up, some tricks and reknit...So, Too much to do, too little time. And I must confess, my mind is thinking about Bohus and an Island cardigan. I have problems finishing. Serious problems. Therefore I like Julia. It is finished. And I wear my Noro in brown everyday. And I also think about my new enterlac in Noro Malabrigo turquoise. And spinning the rest of that sock. Ohh, the SORK gotland spun cardi with spun colouring Hmmm.. Ok, stop it, and good girl. Finish the sleeves on my cyklamen. It is in the sofa. But it needs a wide collar. Sigh.... first some bloghopping...