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Thursday, March 15, 2007

One sleeve to go.....

This is really interesting. The new colours from Yllets Linnen yarn. They also changed the petrol from far right to the more lighter (next to it). But this will be a great sweater. As you know I like the coppar on the left. They also had a new yarn made of mohair and wool. But, did not want to give away the mix. Ohh sight, that is ridiculus. I do not buy yarn I do not know what it contains (nowdays). Anyway HuaHia was great advise. Im sure Solveig just wanted to help me, and she was being nice. Anyhow. Do not care. I have finished one Queen sleeve and started on the next. Now Im just dreaming of all other sweaters I will knit. But Im digging into the UFO list. before doing anything else. Need to catch up - Take care out there. Here it has been spring all week, and I have been working and felt the allergies really hitting. Next week Görg and Görg at Anna Strasse in Aachen. Yepp. Great! I luve my work.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Sneak peak of Crazy sweater in progress, more yarn.

So this is me playing with knitting, colour and yarn. Parts of sleeves and the front (with the red and actually turqoize, lime green). And it will be a lot of purple in different shades. Well, For you my friend, this is secret crazy sweater knitting. No pattern. Just whimsical knitting in all directions, doing zig,zag increase and decrease, joining and adding, holes and glitter. Of course Douglas Adams - Hitchhikers guide to the Galaxy shines through in the back. And my camera is seriously breaking down. Now everything had a blue tint. What is going on?
Anyhow, I got Green Mist (bohus) from Solveig, where she lectures me in knitting "too loose". Im not knitting too loose, and it makes me very irritated to get that judgement. I have never asked. It is like golf a holy rule, if you do not ask you do not want advise. And I can write a page why it was like that on Forest darkness (a loose bottom brim, and a bit bubble on the pattern)- but I spear you. Anyhow, a bit surprising, in context of how much money I spend on her. So, I bought a cardi, and a barret and scarf (Large lace pattern). And a lot of silk in fabolous colors. This one for example. Grey brown silver metallic at the yarn festival.