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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Almost there...

Steeks are cut, only brim and collar left - and assembly is next on the list. Good project for work in car (no- Im NOT driving) on the way to Notodden in Norway. The work week in Coventry was - work! But I got to get my pulse going driving on the wrong side... I mean the left side! And at least 3 more rows on the beaded kidsilk. Two interesting knitting magazines bought. No yarnshops. Magazine 1..The Knitter - who had some great patterns in a well packaged number of "eco-friendly". Magazin2. Simple Knitting. I feel a bit bored with the magazines. Too simple, and copies from books you already have. Sigh... but some bamboo handles as a gift was not too bad. One potential great article- about a dyer and spinner in Mag 1, that could have been jampacked with facts, instead was only "oh- how nice she does this". Grrr... Still that is like Choclate to me. Got to have a piece. especially on a dead hotelroom, with only news and sport. But too tired to knit. Now- we are on the way to Norway.. just going to hack some more on my research paper...I doubt there is a minute for yarnhunting. Have a gret Valpurgisnight! Valborg!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

What is going on? Spring!

Spring? That means - all old grass is gone, and 6 apple trees are now pruned (with a blister in my hand - not inflicting on the knitting). Eyes are running from the pollen, and like a bumble bee I join in buzzing around the garden to look for the first flowers. It is warm, and after having invited the black ant for winter (cleverly joining some plants)... all are all carried outside. Still chasing those little buggers, though a good clean of the living room did the trick. (At least I have no crocs in my garden ;-) I must say - a work intense week. Not much time for anything (which means knitting!). And the "yacht" is now in water. Still needs the mast. Definitely spring. At least I had a break-through today and got into a good fight with the sewing machine to give my very tight steeks on my possum sweater a go. It really fealt hugely risky, since I have re-knitted it three times, and now It is cut - and cannot be reknitted. It is something scary that you cannot rip it up. With the last yarn I will knit the front, a small neck and add evey inch of what is left of the yarn on to the sleeves.I could easily do with 2 or three more balls, but, I guess that is the consequence of shopping yarn across the world. I have started diagonal lace sock - toe up, and I have at least worked a bit on Sue's secret Lopi cardi Yoke. Stupid me having 4 colours along for the next three rows, bound to get slow. I wish I had time to finish the Possum cardi, but it is not to carry - and my flight tomorrow for Birmingham, UK (to Coventry!) leavs at 6.20 in the morning. Work, work, work. And next weekend is Norway... I guess I continue to start new stuff to bring with me. Oh, I forgot to tell Im doing a few rows on St Brigid to... She is a cable galore. So fun to knit! May she wants to travel? Hmm, she is on steel-needles.. A bit bulky... Ahh that lace with beads might be a hit.