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Thursday, June 29, 2006

WIP discussions - no not WHIP!

Work In Progress. What insiprational comments I get! Thanks. It is so nice and encouraging. Keep them up and it will be no summer break! (Sun is back). Is not the entire life a work in progress? Too philosphical? I start new knitting projects much too often. I bought the yarn, and I have thought of a pattern, or I just HAD to try a particular pattern, yarn, knitting technique, magazine picture, KAL or whatever... Then, since I'm one of those free knitters, one of the following happens. I have knitted one sock, it fits, it is summer... why knit socks in the summer? Throw it on the pile. Grab a summer knitting (definition, feels good on bare legs and in sweaty palms).. Cotton, linnen... realizing you started to knit that sweater 5 summers ago, you knit for a while, and suddenly you remember that you last time got stuck on how to do the neck... you knit past the neck , you start at the arms.... and then you realize, it is TWO arms, and if you are inventing the pattern, you need to knit a bit on each arm, to make sure you pattern yarn is enough... So this is how my merry-go-around goes... It is not making the finished item. It is the process, the context, the "pondering" about problems, great solutions and the feel that makes me knit. But most of all, I have listed the reasons that makes me "change" my WIP to a new knit (or continue with another WIP) I have more than 30 some... AND I'm trying hard to finish something. What are your reasons?
SIZE, I think the number one reason for moving on to something else, is when the knit becomes to big to squeeze in to a backpack with my computer. Most of my daily knitting is on the move (train, plane, car). Also, this "stopping moment" is usually around neckline, which is my second reason for stopping a knitting. I cannot decide to follow pattern (all this round necks) or re-work it to a V-shape, which is more flattering for my bodyshape, or maybe a hood, high neck etc etc...I always struggle with the right intake of sleeves, and how the shoulder should be (slanted, straight, raglan....). Next problem is sleeves. If I'm past T-shirt lenght, I will finish. (Often, I pick up the sleeve from sweater and knit down - like circular, but again. Size!!). Then it is "tricky section". Embroidery (like my Telemark mitten), lack of yarn (that IS tricky), or - need to frog it all (that really stops it), or a pattern (cable) solution, that is not completed..

In short: 1. Too big for travel. 2. Neck solution 3. Tricky decisions.
I have 4 knits here in the sofa right now (and 20 some WIP's upstrairs, 3 next room etc etc). My "just right now" is the cotton (5 year old), the Färgkraft Brioche one-thread, the Julia (Rowan) and my second splot-sock. Sigh... The sock travled today. Julia is still ok but waiting neck decision, Brioche and cotton too big. Decisions decision... Picture? WIP (not yet in that KAL) Circular Twisted float Vouge Sweater... (First sleeve needs to be frogged and reknitted, too big!)

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Going down, slowly...

It is raining. I have just erased a long complaint. Decided that noone wants to read that crap, not even me. Look at Fen Bai peony. Looks weird. Ehh, knitting blog? Dyeing?..
No it is all spinning now. I did the Elisabeth a good spin. Shetland wool, It is dry, light, and sooo easy to spin. Pictures? The fleece is dark brown. Not much for pictures.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Sock-swatch and Peonies

Wonderful garden. Wonderful knitting. I have had a calm relaxing 3 day weekend (hey, it is midsummer, a very important viking tradition, where we usually get intoxicated with snaps, eat herring and fresh potatos with onions and gräddfil (sour cream). But instead of being on the boat, both my loved one and me just took it soo easy. Sleeping in the "baden-baden" chair in the garden, sniffing the peonies, and some knitting. So Chromatella is just fantastic tree peony. One of my favourites. Anyway, sorry Maria, did not mean to complain about the yarn. It will be excellent sockyarn as you said. It did colour great. 50% mohair and 50 wool. But some dead hair. So, what is dead hair? Isn't the whole thing dead? No, dead hair means that the animal is probably a bit old and the hair has died and fallen off by itself (but stuck in the fur). This means it does not suck up colour, and that it is a bit stiff and hard. During colouring this becomes visible, and is easy to pluck away. It probably adds strength to a sock, but might be a bit "itchy". It takes a trained eye to see. Anyway, I do recommend colouring. I would definitely do this again. Dripping on the yarn. Some postings below you can see the yarn that I died. Here (thanks for encouraging me, Hpnyknits, I first took a swatch picture in the Festiva Maxima peonies. But, a lazy day means both ripping weeds, and knitting. So, I just "had" to finish it before It is time for a new week.
But it is a bit darker now. So unfortunately, the picture is with flash from the inside. But, Sock 1 is done. One to go.
Since it is only 100g all together, it is a very short sock. But, it looks great. I really like it. It was not what I expected. But, all my favorite colours is in it. Lime, Purple, violet, turqoise, blue. It will be a good sock. Except it is 100% wool, so this one will wear out, So I did extra strenght heel (you know, knit 1, slip one.. turn, purl the unknitted, slip in front etc..I'm extra proud I did it without pattern. But socks are easy to fit. (honestly, I did rip the heel up once..).. Well, I'm rested. Hold the tumbs (toes?) that I get the new job (it is still within, but definitely a new great boss!)