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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Tangled Joke ;-) Cardigan Finished!

With the Forsythia in bloom behind, I pose on early Saturday morning in the wonderful Tangled Joke cardigan (ok, it is really Tangled Yoke ;-) But you know we Swedish cannot pronounce Y it sounds like J. Wonderful pattern from Eunny Jang (Interweave knits) that has this nice cable that goes around. I must say I really like it. Nice and comfortable. But it is getting warmer - and this is for cooler weather ! Yarn is the Jaeger Luxury Tweed, which has mohair in it. A bit "fuzzy" and unfortunately itchy. But a nice knit whilst commuting to work. The cable had to be done in a more concentrated state, but otherwise,a rather simple knit.

Happy Valpurgis celebrations - Glad Valborg to all of you!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Only 1 FO - Orange Mittens!

Reaching for the sky! These mittens are special in many ways. I did the cuffs long time ago (yes, they have glass beads) and angora edging. But they were a bit too big. So I added some Mojärv left-over yarn and the wonderful repeat pattern from Aino Parkli (Estonian master knitter from Tartu). But the actual mitten pattern and colour mix is my own. And I think they turned out great. A bit late for mittens, but they are fun and inspiring to knit - and my cold is really preventing me to be my best in the garden, sigh....Right now we have a red-ant battle on-going. It is really war! But otherwise it was a Happy Easter to us - and I hope to all of you! Thank you for your nice comments!