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Thursday, August 03, 2006

Off to Gotland. Knitting symposium

I cannot pack. Should one bring all knitted item (they sure did to Estonia- show off!), or should one pack lightely (these two requirements do not mix for me!) Should I bring one ball of yarn, my current knitting, or just samples (that was a heavy bag!) not fitting in the suitcase!
Im carrying it (probaly dragging in rain, on a gravel road) to the Hemse folkhögskola (nowhere does it say if it is far from the town?) Info? Ha. Go with the flow. Should I pack in a BIG suitcase with lots of empty space (I now I will be tempted) or fill it up (so, do you not think I have ENOUGH yarn?) Can one ever get enough? All this hanks that should be winded. It is too late. I'm stuck. I think it is the time to say. Big bag hope for faith that all distances are short (I hate to drag bags!) Are there any Taxi's on this Island? I do have relatives, but they are not contacted, probably on vacation. Is it really going to rain? Ahh, plane leaves in less than 7 hours. I need to sleep (at least 4 hours). Have I packed camera? Not yet? Great backpack, or shoulder bag with sheep. Needles. Spindle. I should only bring one ball of yarn? And I have planned something for this weird knitting technique. I'm already missing my husband. And he is asleep. He is just great. Will drive me tomorrow. I so much hope for good meetings with other knitters. That will be fun. I think I lost the little of what is left of my brain (vacation clean out) in this Ride at Gröna Lund. But me and hubby did a great job. We succeeded to exhaust a 11 year old kid. We took turns in rollercosters (so I did about 15 or something).
Kid slept like a log, and now back with his mom. Ohh, Im so good avoiding those hard decisions. I need a bigger bag than a drag on. My first knitting event I bought 11 KG of yarn (take that times 2.2 and you get a lot of pounds!) I will not buy more that an easy carry. Some hanks. Some fleece. That must be it (Ohh. Solsilke is going to tempt me. I know!)

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Soon Gotland, just Gröna Lund before

Take it easy! I'm booked. I will take the plane there Thursday morning.
And with some luck, I get into Visby on time to grab the Bus (hmm. If anyone is passing, I would not mind sharing a ride ;-) And then boat was really packed and I will be going 0030! Wow. I'm glad It is a knitting event. I can knit all through the nite. And I'm terrified of boats. So, My wonderful brothers young son (12) visits me, and After one day of work I'm home watching Lier, Lier, and Jim Carry is funny. Tonite is Gröna Lund - with a armband. So we will go like crazy. And try to save something to my poor research brain.