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Sunday, December 02, 2012

FO Seafoam

Seafoam...This is so interesting. The new blog editing is messing with me. But, regardless - the little lace mohair vest with a lot of glass beads is nice to wear. A bit see-through though, which you must plan for. For instance it is hard to spot that it is long - since I have black pants underneath. anyhow, it feels a bit "dressy" and elegant. You would think this was easy work to do - no - the pattern from head which is based on a lace pattern called "birch" is relatively simple and straigh forward, but the beads and the gauge was really problematic. Such a thin thread on big needles... Anyhow - this is my 12th sweater for the year - so it is at least concluding my basic goal of 12 sweaters a year. I am of course knitting on, but allowing me to knit a pair of socks in-between. Have a great day!

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