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Saturday, November 18, 2006

Julia with collar!

Here is Julia "again". It is great. I knitted a collar I can add on, After a short walk between two yarnshops (hey, best way to spend a saturday shopping day!) I was HOT, and with a swift move, it was gone again. Here you can see how loose it is, but I guess big belly doesn't make it nicer (this is one out of 8 photos, where I didn't look like 7 months...) I still belive Im like the dog who wants puppies so bad she is faking it "sken-dräktig", sorry, untranslateable. Anyhow
I got another Kid-silk Haze at Wincent, and stocked up on some more Yorkshire Tweed to my fairilse. Shop was crowded. I also bought a ticket to see the man himself 12 december for a lecture... Kaffe Fasset. But I'm a bit unsure here given Mia's encounter. Well, it is a long time to the 12th of December. A Paris shopping spree planned around 1-4th of December. (Yarnshops anyone? Paris central?) Anyhow, then the parking ended up just next to Nina and Nysta (not the first time). And, Some more of that Noro below and 2 other hanks with some wooden needles find its way. And - I gave up on VK and bought that one and Knitsimple. VK was great! Wow, white looks so fresh. I just want to knit it ALL!

Friday, November 17, 2006

Compassion - my favourite word! OT and some Knit

More compassion in the world. More compassion between people! More compassion from me. It is a great word taste it: COMPASSION,
including passion, engagement, love and also the word together. I think comments is a way to show compassion. And I'm always so excited to here from you out there and I try to be good commenting myself! Even if I have realized that my somewhat limitid vocabulary often make me say Wow or fantastic, which are often the true word of all great things made! It is all those small things. Helping in the small.
Anyhow, Vk has not arrived, but hey, they gave me an extension, so now I'm on VK Stockholm hunt (tomorrow!). The week was terrible. No air. Worst Asthma-week for years, ended up in a allergy/histamin "afylactic chock?" so I was totally "breathless" for some hours before my heavier stuff started to work. It really wiped me out. I guess the constant munching of chochlate with hazelnuts traces (the latter Im sensitive too) did the job toghether with the irritating cold.
Anyhow, I missed another Sticka deadline (sigh). My Cerise is now a wrap-around vest, and I have started on the sleeves. First fitting made it obvious it needs a big collar to look nice. Oh, I had a look through my Noro - it is Norovember. And do I have Noro?! Well only some boxes!
Please forgive me. Im human. And I do think the Kureyon looks great in Enterlac. That seems to be something everyone have figured out. It is like a plaige. But I do find Enterlac fun to knit. And now it is finally week-end. How great!

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Move on, relax, enjoy.

What to do when everything feels dark? Start a new bright knitting ;-) Cyklamen/Cerise. Ahh. To the left is the wonderful Silk bag where I got my petal collection, and one wonderful Kid-silk Haze in Cerise from Dearest HPNY Knits. That is mixed with Nikolaj (Danish yarn) and the bright cerise handcoloured from Solveig (Wool-angora) and 3 thick silk/alpacka from stash. So, the entire bottom of this wrap-cardigan is soon done, Ok, it is LARGE needlesize (8 Swedish!) I also got some Noro from Fuzzymabel based on a hint from NY. All Noro of course. Crazy I know. The customs will probably get the prize up to strange levels. But It was to easy, and I was a bit down. That is the second heeling tip of depression. Buy more yarn. Fixes you every time.
(Hey it is NOROVEMBER!!)
Of course being such a fan of my NY friends blog, I act like a true fan,not only stealing her great links, but her great ideas. You can see the Noro in my cerise knitting ;-)
With my yarnstash - you would think Im very depressed, but I can find many reasons for buy yarn. Anyhow, Do not worry about Julia. Elastics are out (since I, allergic to that stuff) and reknit? Forget it. But I will need to wash it before wearing it. Cotton shrinks a bit. Maybe a big belt. Just that the yarn was overrated.
So this blurry greeinsh yarn is Catherine Parr (A. Starmore, Tudor Roses) edge to be ripped. Give you a photo to have the colours. No, Im not using the blues. That yarn is still from the London show in last posting (Jamiesons colour scheme). Sorry for confusing you. But that is stress sympthoms. Cannot even blog structured. Take care. In Swedish Newspaper DN an article about knitting is on the Sunday part. Books and hints. Fun! We are making a mark. Now I need more cerise Kid silk, or should I be bould without it? I sure have been knitting. Luv to you! And thanks for commeting and caring, It makes it so great to see those comemts! Hugs. (Now I must rush to put clothes on my sailboat for winter!)