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Friday, December 21, 2007

RS virus, Ripping....and weird pic's

Tne likeness of me and a kid playing with his new toy is high. Almost as high as the count of RS-virus in my body... (a really nasty flue) that hit both me and hubby. Still home coughing. But - I did it. I did it. I did it! It has sunk in. And I feel like already got my gifts. 4 bottles of Champange. OMG.
So, do the best of the situation being sick. I have frogged the waist of Skogsmörkret, which needed a longer body, and tighter stretch ending. I have watch the episod of Star Trek I have always wondered about, how they got away from the Borg's. It was a part 2 I have missed - I feel complete. I have also jammed awayknitting on my IK Lotus Blossom tank, and are soon hitting the neck, to turn "downwards" in the front. And Im pacing the yarn-room for a new quick good night project. I still need 4 more sweaters finished for this years KAL major. Instead, Im putting all machine-knitted pieces together, and that takes a lot of time. And Im sleeping, like sleeping beauty. Exhausted. Happy, and rather exited about life in general. Well, one opportunity goes, another one comes. Thanks Gail, yes, I do get reviewers comments. All fair. So, it is not hopeless at all. The paper will be "reshaped". But now, 16 wonderful days of leasure. All travel is booked out, so we are staying at home in "recharge"-mode. So - this blog will be alive at Christmas. I will definitely try to take a lot of Pics of WIPs, UFO's and FO's never shown. And maybe some house renovation pictures. Have a great evening! Hugs (all virus free ;-)

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Technologie Licentiate...

A fantastic day! Great party, and all went well. People are so nice to me. Great day, and great view from the resturant at that top of the high-rise (floor 23). Now, exhasuted, and still with a cold....I have landed. Big celebrations are a almost unreal - It is so intense! And my dear brother, and dear cousin, and monther, and aunt and of course, and my beloved husband (also sick) but a trouper, who dragged refreshments and nibbles to get everyone feel fab, (including me). Well - now it is time to "take care of the rest of my life". It has just started. And the first thing I saw was that my latest paper got rejected. Ups and downs. Life in a nutshell. Well, get well is high on the list. Then we will see. Like the two-end knitted mitten with embroyderi?
I have no recollection from where I have spotted it. But I think either Norway or a museum...(Dalarna?). Take care.