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Saturday, January 21, 2006

A Harlot challenge: OS in Knitting - I'm in (I hope!)

How fantastic the web is - The Yarn Harlot is the Chair of the Olympics in Knitting. It will coincide with the real winter olympics, and last 16 days. So hopefully we get a Swedish Team together to tag along.

So, It took me awhile to get the spirit. First - which project is really a challenge - ok, any project where I need to create the pattern as I knit it,
therefore the DaCapo - Hanne Falkenberg is out that I for a short while contemplated when I noticed another swedish Marika is doing Mermaid! I just say WOW! So, what to knit - no, I'm rather slow actually if it is not "motorway knitting" - circular just one colour with just knit... So, my second idea browsing the Harlot's enteries was an Icelandic lopi Sweater. That would take about 16 days (working full time and chairing some organisations in evening).. but I know I would make that if I wanted, so - that is not really a challenge. So, that is OUT! Then Sticklistan suggested Latvian mittens (since I'm in the KAL), which would be good, but that kind of knitting (1.75 mm) I'm more preoccupied with result and fit, and I'm not to happy with the alpacka yarn that splits easly.... So that will go anyway... so, here I stopped my plans. Then Linda talked to me on the blog about it, and when Sticklistan finally pushed me over the edge - So I have entered a winter coat. In a true challenge it must be my own pattern. The design is ready, it will be on 8mm needles, with Lovikka Yarn (black) and Colinette Point 5. Since it is cold I will not have larger needle size. It will have a large collar, and pockets, and be wrapped around, and length around knee or a bit above - I do not want it too heavy. And as you have guessed - I'm a big girl, XXXL. I have swatched it last winter in 15mm and very disappointed, so I frogged it. Also, The last number of Vouge put my interest back in full about this project. Wish me good luck. Buy they way, I have now 5 cm edge on the bohus, so, just do the finishing yarn attachment - And I will give you a picture!

Snowstorm, and soon time for

Knitting of course! I look forward to a weekend of klicking needels. Of course I will do some wall-painting, washing up and all that cleaning stuff too... I tried to talk my lovely to take the broken car to Mariefred, because I would like to se Cornelias shop for real, but, snowstorm (big time!) and a car that sounds like well, not nice... maybe it will be a very local sofa weekend. Just knit! Or it might be just time to check out the local knitcafe's. Ahh, what a comfort with yarn. It is warm, creative, comforting and inspiering. The picture is a bohus designed - Blue Shimmer cap, not knitted by me, I guess it might be Karin Kahnlund, a well known Swedish designer (she poses with a sweater way below). Unfortunately I knit to get up of the sofa and look up the real patter designer, was it Baldini, or is this Mannerheim? I do not have them on top of my heads. But I still admire it beyond words.What I do not get is the PINK hysteria. Ok, pink is in, but a cool woman like me? I'm to old for pink. Orange, yes, wine is fine...well, I just keep looking at the pink ones and may I will knit a pink Bohus. Or I just go crazy and do my own colorcombination.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

I'm tagged! not much knitting there!

Well, whatdayamean? TAGGED? Alltid taggad! But looking through my tagger Marika did explain it. Well.. Enjoy!

Four Jobs You Have Had In Your Life:
1. (Hand!)-Dishwasher at the Pub on Färjestads Travbana
2. Graveyard garden keeper - Rud's Kyrkogård
3. Software Tester
4. Manager

Four Movies You Could Watch Over and Over:
1. Groundhogday "Alltid Måndag"
2. Lord of the Rings, TT, RoTK
3. Tampopo - The queen of the Noodles
4. Pretty Woman

Four Places You Have Lived:
1. Sundsvall
2. Uppsala
3. Fresno, California
4. Melbourne, Australia

Four TV Shows You Love To Watch:
1. Scrubs
2. Sex in the City
3. Extreme Homemakeover
4. På spåret

Four Places You Have Been On Vacation:
1. Hawaii
2. St Petersburg
3. Kyoto
4. Tvättfatet, Stockholms skärgård

Four Websites You Visit Daily:
2. My research
4. Google (www.leta.se)

Five Of Your Favorite Foods:
1. Caffe Latte with cinnamon and cardemom and Lindt 85% Chocolate
2.Sushi - Most wanted sushi is: Morimoto
3. Green Chicken Curry done by my hubby and a god wine
4. Swedish cream waffels with couldberryjam, homemade vanilla Icecream and whipped cream
5 Yum Chow (dim sim's) or Curry laksa

Four Places You Would Rather Be Right Now:
1. In my Sailboat (if it was summer)
2. I'm just fine where I am (in my sofa;-)
3. Darwin or Katherine, Oz
4, Any large yarnshop in US (New York)

Four Bloggers You Are Tagging:
Are there any non-tagged bloggers out there?
1. Susanne
2. Cina
3. Ulla G.
4. Kia

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Grey Sunday - Knitting day!

Here, a blurry camera cosy. It is my eyes that is the problem..need'em glasses. So, I finally got my hubby's cold. And yesterday I was just buying some extra yarn from Ann (Ann-torps Väv) so I could continue with my Noro, Shinano (nr 3, and nr 1). Well, as always, temptation is a bummer, it also made me buy yarn for a little scarf just to test the new Noro Aurora together with Cash Iro in old rose colour. As you can see, I updated my list and moved it down, my progress-bar's died, so... That is a confession. I realised, this lists are STILL not complete...so, understand that my stash is big - no huge! I know I should link my FO's and WIP, but, I decided to have them on my own homepage, and that is still wrestling with me.Grmmzschbla! Now - back to knitting...Grey Sunday, with ice-cream (bad throat is a great excuse!) and a fast in-between knitting... Ah!