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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

More Cast-On's -

Finally the Kaffe Fasset Cardi that I call "In Petal Haze" since it is knit by two threads of Kid Silk Haze. It is wonderful to knit. But that is the challenge of the Cast On Mania - you do one each day - and most look like a "string" - not much than the pattern and idea - and a lost of stitches casted on. But - finally I woke up to the reality, that I must have something wrong - should not wonderful StickaMera and here SockKlubb continue? Yes, It had already - and I just had not found it. Now I have - and changed the button (see right). Being terrible behind from the start, and having a bad last year, I will attempt a better running now. So the first cast on is called Cranberry biscotti in a slip-stitch pattern - but I am diving in the left-over batch to knit it. It starts with red,blue and white, but I tell you - it will not end like that. It is rather simple and straight forward, and a very relaxing knit. Especially when I allow myself to play with colour. But despite this looking like a "mitten" Cast on (ohh, I have many more in "strings"... so far 6 mitten/glove pairs).. I do have the yummy yarn from San Jose, and Green Planet yarn below - it is Lorna's Lace Shepard Worsted... Love the colours. But - I must admit. I might frog this. It is Patent - but I am not sure this works....I might just have too little yarn for it - so I might go back to my original plan - another Vouge pattern. Well -we will see. I actually found a Malabrigo Lace yarn in the very same colour palett - so I might do a thick-thin thing. Or just a shawl collar to add.
You can hear I am not decided at all. That is why it is in danger. But yummy yarn. No doubt. The final picture is a Vott - a mitten from Norway from the wonderful book "Håndplagg" by Heidi Fossnes. Buy it. It is the most beautiful book I own. Pictures and pattern are just fantastic. They are using Rauma Gammelserie 2-ply yarn on needles 1.25 or 1.5mm. Very thin. And fantastic embroyderi. You can glimpse the original from the book underneath my own "string". I am of course not using the same colour-pallet as the book on the fringe. I actually got so exited about it that I had to cast on another one. Now I just wished I had the skills to embroyder all the nice things on it. But I decided that I first should knit one entire bunch. The fringe I can do, but embroyderi could be rather challenging... Well, If you do not try you never get there. Anyhow - I do feel very stressed. Writing thesis is like doing the long test in school that never ends. But - this knitting keeps me doing somthing else.