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Sunday, August 17, 2008

FO-Sideways Socks and progress on Aachen Bliss

Sideways socks in wonderfully handpainted yarn "Nickerjack" from UK (Stitches). The pattern is a Drops (Garnstudio) pattern, but I must admit, it was quick and fun to knit, and they fit great. I really love them. Initially I thought that the seem was a bit bulky, and there is a lot of sewing of that seem, but wearing them you do not notice almost anything. So, it have my thumbs up. The Clematis Jackmanii blooms its best on a Salix. So this was the 2nd Juni sock ;-) Now Im just "3 socks behind and some" for the StickaMera SockKlubb "do them all!" Well, had 1.5 hours on the Wii-fit today. much better than yesterdays 18 minutes. Husband claimes it already shows (after 9 days....maybe a bit). At least Im not totally wobbly. Btw a new butterfly in my garden (getting drunk on overdone cherries. Anyhow, thanks for your encouraging comment. I was in Fresno, CA as an exchange studen actually - Class of 80! How great. Bullard High. Anyhow, I have knitted a bit on my "Aachen Bliss" which was started on the plane to Aachen in a Debbie Bliss yarn (bought on sale!) I think it is a bit tight, and I decided this was a good sweater I can practice steeking - So I might cut it up and add on a bit in the front. But I have not decided yet. Im also conteplating frogging this back down to the sleeve-holes, and then Really moving them a bit to the front. The problem is really me being lazy to measure it up correctly. I should have done that long time ago, instead I knitted on like there is no tomorrow. But there is. A wonderful tomorrow. We are finally having a bathroom IN the house (so we do not have to go outside in the snow in the winter - to take a shower hmmm)...
That feels so good. But it is raining and rather quiet here. On the Stove the red currant lemonade is cooking for my brother. "Saft"! Well, take care and have a great week.