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Sunday, November 07, 2010

FO Aleita Shell and A-line A-type Cardi for Mom!

First I show off the Aleita Shell. I love this, it was so fun to knit and see the colours work - of course it is wonderful Noro Silk garden light. I added sleeves to the original pattern, To my surprise I can tell that I have lost some weight, and can go down in size. it should be a slim fit - and look - it is NOT! That makes me very happy. I am also glad I succeed in making the separate fronts and sleeves similar. It is not always easy with this yarn. Anhow - It will be well used. Secondly I have knitted a sweater for dear mother. I try to make it with a lot of ease, so I have a lot of short rows, and a typical A-line for my wonderfully energized A-type mom. The back has a (swe. sprund) Cut? also to make it a bit with ease, and also elastisity - since the ribbing on the side makes it good. Also it is definitely a bit longer and elastic. Should fit her perfectly. I hope it is The yarn is also Noro - but Noro Kabuto. Sure an expensivhe yarn. 96 swedish kronors for 1 hank - and it is 14. I sure hope she appreachiates it. It has cashmere and silk in it. Soft and warm, Just as I love it. I did this very loosley based on the Hisdahls Cardigan, but I definitely made it "my own", trying to use colours to slim the style, make it easy. The only dissappointment is that I would have loved one more hank to make the sleeves longer. But I guess I can call it fashion! Almost all knitting pattern have 3/4 sleeves now. But at the end of the day, this is a cardi - it has something underneath so. The collar looks uneven, but I guess it is just me throwing it on a bit sloppy. Still jet-lagged from the trip. And it is nice to be home!