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Sunday, December 05, 2010

Stonecircles and "Ugglor i mossen"

To the left is my progress on the Stone-Circles. It is a Kaffe Fassett pattern. But sometimes I thought a better name would be bubbles in water - or "carbonated" because it looks like bubbles with the blue backdrop - But then - thinking again, of course it is stone-circles. Now - this is hugely "Gestalt"-therapuetic. Not only are each un-finished business like a stone in the "backpack" of life you carry around, It does have the weight of a stone, and leaving many unfishined is a big back-pack. Now there is where the circle comes in. Finishing the unfished business is really closing the the circle of the Gestalt. You finish it up! It is done, gone. The weight is off your shoulders so to speak. And left is the stone - now ready to sink to the bottom of the ocean of finishined business. THAT is what Kaffe must have ment. A wonderful thoughtful fair-isle. Since none of the "stone-circles" are the same. And it is super slow knit - it takes a lot of presistence and concentration. So, plenty of time to go through any unfinished business. (If you did not know - these are typical thoughts of a knitter). Second is the famous knit pattern "Owls" that I of course call "Ugglor i mossen" i.e. Owls in the bog (I think?) I think it is really nice and see the difference in colour with and without flash, but the fact is - it is three different yarns, that all are changing colours all by themselves. I really thought a lot about how to make the owls "dissappear" in the forest. Well, I have not started on them yet, but this is really my relaxation between the stone-circles. I love them both. First is of course for my dearest in Christmas (I hope it is this christmas) present... Or january present or something... And Owls are on thicker needles to rest the hands. It is Finish 3-thread wool in brown-grey-black from "Svalan" called Syksy (höst/fall) and then there is a green orange, lace-one-thread Estonian yarn, and finally the pre-yarn (unspun) one "thread" from UlloMera (but definitely from Estonia- it is Evilla). That is where the blue and purple is mixed with green. And these three play togheter in the dance of the woods. It is a bit snug fit, but I am hoping I also will be a snugger fit if I keep myself in the gym - and stop doing wonderful christmas cakes. Life is good! And this will be a hard working week! But - Still happy about my accepted research paper.... Well, cannot write anymore - Got to watch my new favourite TV-show. Big Bang Theory on channel 5! Suits the nerd in me. I mean - Just the "entrace question" - Kirk of Pickard? Well, if you cannot answer that - you are "too old"! Hugs!