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Friday, May 30, 2008

FO F-ugly Socks

I tried to put this f-ugly socks in the best surrounding. Finally finished Yiha. Will be coloured. The pattern is great - it is Tropicana for the Sockklubb KAL (March, oh yes, Im behind). Also the YARN is great - OPAL - when it comes to knitting and durability. I know, It is tested, since this sock was - in the making - actually TESTED! (read: dragged behind the car on the asfalt for 10 minutes.. in wet asfalt. A bit dirty, but yarn was not scratched! Surprise....) But Im saying, these colours. OPAL needs serious colourhelp. The colour... Is like a curry gone wrong, on re-tour. Or - reminds me of this week, contained in a small so called no-smoking hotel room (but really, was that non-smoking when we asked for it? I mean since the same morning?) filled with textiles, no ventilation but a small "balcony/window" to the square of Eindhoven MARKET.. where some 1000 oranjie fans was collectivly partying their head of in the worst party, beer-drunk with silly hats and lions on their belly, screeming, like the inferno was loose -with crackers going off until my head spun - feeling deaf- all night (with a broken TV) until 2.30 in the morning... Yah. EVERY NIGHT.... do dutch NEVER sleep???? Not a yarnshop in sight, but monday - it was a yarn-relseller just outside the hotel on the textile market. Now - this was a bit nausiating too. Glitter, acrylic with some fuzzy baby fugly colours... Not a sheep in sight. Sorry, I have a yarnroom of class. Im such a snob. No, I want NOTHING: I had enough of FUGLY YARN: This one WAS a gift, well intended. I cannot throw away good yarn. I will colour. well, you here I have had some beer myself (trying hard to join them instead of sounding like a whining viking ;-) I was there all week on this great research trip, but just too much soccer-crazy fans. (btw, the match ended 1-1 we think (I do not read dutch....) against Denmark - which I routed for... anything with orange is just....UGH! Anyhow, seriously good week. I have seen a 3-D TV. Super cool! Can you imagin when the blogs is going 3D.... I love it. Im such a geek. But Im sooo insipred. Even if Eindhoven have NO YARNSHOPS (that I could find...sigh.... of.... relief!)