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Sunday, June 10, 2007

FO - Back home to heatwave! More Stash Enh.

Ballet shirt from Loop-d-Loop - Thank you Teva for a great pattern (just some small adjustments - with extra sleeves, and ) and mabe not so wide in the neck! Trying to look decent. It was 12 hours approx. knit. That is the amount of free time I obviously had this week. A lot of plane, bus, taxi and a short breaks before fainting to bed. Anyhow, the garden and weeds compete now - and and unfortunately the blooms come and go so fast in the heat that you miss them in a breeze. My blog really became a conversationpiece. And I think D. took it ok. You now BertnFelix... he is a bit young ;-) Did have a quick check on your blogs - and really what have you been busy! Hi NY - H. I luve that scarf! And Z. Those cap's are Great!
And many Swedish are now on the boatride to Mariefred -and Cornelia Hamilton - our Noro, Malabrigo importer! That is probably great. But I need this day to wash, and swap suitcase - because tomorrow is off again (Linköping then Lund). Anyhow! My "knit in public-day" ended up just before rushing to the bus from Grenoble to some great experiences. First - I bought this left box of Angora at Phildar: Really at a bargin price! Then after spending 45 minutes at Phildar: I mean - have a look at this: Isn't it fab? But all I saw was acrylic, acrylic cotton acrylic, wool acrylic, superwash wool .... and acrylic. Of course in hot Grenoble weather you tent to look at cotton, and they had Cotton and seacell (which is polyamide) - I for sure would like a lecture in acrylic, polyamide and microfiber.... Because right now, seacell and bambo feels soft, as well as microfibre - but how do they behave? Sun? Colour? Against skin (meaning) breathing? handling sweat? I no for sure some do not breathe and feels great but wears like a plastic bag. And Im a silk girl. Any how, angora is really winter great. Anyhow In addition to Phildar and a bunch of frensh knitting magazines, I took a lazy stroll to be back for lunch on time, and walked right into Anne Blatt. Not only did I get my right box fun I also met this very frensh lady, that warmed up when I bought 15 (!) cashmere balls at full prize - yep, covering the counter and emptying my credit. Well, Too far away from the Factory, but I need that adress Mary ;-) Precise! Anyhow, I feel I do rank Grenoble a city to return to. Expensive - but OK! (This posting would definitely quickly bore all my research friends to never return here again - so - be good boys and loose the link!) OKOK, I will post the recepie (hoh - that could NOT be spelled) I mean CAKE patterns. Now reality hits me, and I need to dig in to work preparations..Take the best care!