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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Cotton and PAPER yarn

Yes, Paper yarn is really in! I got the Noro Ganpi Abaka paper yarn, mostly for the colours, but the feel in a garment was not off in the store. When it is really hot, that is almost a linnen feel. Sturdy as any yarn, but knitting on 6mm needles, it becomes a bit to peekabo, so starting with the top part, I mixed it with the Eco-friendly Cotton from Huskroken in just the matching colour. And after a few rows, the paper yarn looks like a mess. But definitely a weird, but great feel to it. And, excellent with the cotton mix. Must find more cotton! Not that I lack cotton, my stash is weirdly full, but not in THAT wonderful blue colour. Decisions, should I mix with existing cotton, or go on a chase? No, not decided. But it is again too hot for any other (I mean WOOL) knitting. And the summer is at its prime. The cherries are great - dark and sweet, and the washingmachine seems to have troubles. C9, is its remark. I do like bugs ;-) the software kind (if I can do something about it!) but not this one, and definitely not last night when I chased a huge night butterfly out (I dear not say MOTH!) out of the yarn-room. That thing could have devaoured the entire cashmere stash by the size of it..... Ahhh, it is so knitting time. What to do with the Patagonia Nature cotton? Sunkist? Or a top? I love summer!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Mother, Roses and Bunny Holders

So here is the wonderful Alchemy Silk Purse in a wonderful stingy lime, with a black satin ribbon. Yepp, the Blouse Bunny Holders. The yellow band is temporary, and used for the shoulderstraps as a measure, still not done. And - it is hard to make a great fit with it, so I have done some alterations as usual, but this has triggered a new knitting craze in me. I have so much great silk. It is slow here. The summer reminds me it is short and wonderful, and research is still going on full time. And life goes on Mom is here, we are going to a funeral tomorrow. Our dear uncle, Knut passed away. So my summer roses, the moss-rose Henri Martin suits well in days of sadness. Just imagine your life-partner for more than 50 is years is gone. Poor Viola. Well, between showers, and clouds the sun shows is warm face, and the helicopters ar buzzing together with the bumblebees, after all - 1200 meters (less than an english mile) from here the first EEC-top meet will take place, with all European leaders. They should relax in my garden instead, take a knit and a caffe latte. PS. No, the machine-knitting is "resting" for space at the moment dear April. But not forgotten. And dear Sue, finally the package is on its way, sorry for delay. Well, we are preparing for great adventures... The blog will be a bit slow in the summer. But much more to come. Many of my UFO's are getting closer to FO's. Hang in there! And enjoy the great summer. It is short, but wonderful.