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Sunday, December 31, 2006

The Garngamen 2006 Chronicle - Persistance

So after a bad asthma night (those darn Billly's) Im slowly recovering. Hubby said. This could be 6 oclock in March, but instead it is 3 oclock today. View from my balcony. Pretty neat. Saw a GREAT dvd last night - Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter .. and spring again, from Korea. Really deep buddism movie. I just say WOW. If I had yarn there....and could knit. Anyhow. It is the time of year to look back and to a chronicle of 2006. I must say, it was rather hard to make a choice. I have really been busy in my blog this year, and visitor number is slowly creeping up.
Here it is: And - if there is something you think I missed, give me a comment, I can always add it on ;-)
Most fun knitted project 2006 ? Well, surprisingly I would put my summer-socks there with hand died yarn. Quick, pleasing and done in a whiff, ort was it because it was one of those fantastic sailingtrips with time to knit and fantastic weather? Say NO MORE!
Most unpleasent knitted project 2006?
Are there any? Hmm, When I ripped Alice Starmores Tudor Roses (Catherine Parr) for the 3 time... but she is moving over to the good side too, it is not her fault.

Greatest 2006 Yarn experience?
This is a very tough one. Is it visiting Östergötlands Woolspinnery and then the visit to Copenhagen (Summerfugeln, Uldstedet, etc) now,
The entire Knitting and Stiches 2006 experience with my dear HPNYKnits friend and Mary! And Stash. That entire London trip was really a yarn galore shopping spree. Was it the sock yarn from Nickerjack?

But lets go into detail. I think BEST NEW YARN of 2006 is: Kidmohair from Älandbro mohair outside Härnösand. Looks like wool, soft, great colours (lime, blues and purple is great), durable, and just fantastic and great price (if bought directly).

Very close second, with one strand on the first prize is MALABRIGO. (togheter with Noro). Filling, soft and lasts forever in great colours, love emerald. Reasonable price! Then third is Östergötlands Wool spinnery, and third fourth is Sork wool yarn from Fardhem (Gotland) spinnery.

Worst yarn experience? I do not think there exist worst yarn experiences, but ok my dissappointment on the supersoft CashCotton from Rowan, that looses its shape in ribbing after one wear was intense. Great colour, soft, cosy, but expensive, and flat.

Most inspiring knitting books 2006?
Knitting Nature with Norah Gaughan is first, then shared second are two swedish knitting books: Sticka med Kaffe Fasset (his patterns of Kaffe, but also great additions by Eva Wincent) and Sticka with Nina Saugelin (Nysta). Third place is Three-cornered & Longshawls by Sigridur Halldorsdottir. Of course I could add some old finds: Got Alice Starmores Fair-Isle that was really good! Worst knitting book? It must be Alice's first book, Scandinavian Knitware. Full of faults and bad research. But I guess she was young and unexperienced. But I payed dearly for it, so I feel cheated! Most wanted book(s); Alice Starmore: In the herbrides, and Aran patterns and....

Best pattern !! I must say that Rowan pattern in Julia (summer collection 11) was a great lace pattern. I really enjoyed it, and it was not super easy to knit at first, but then the skies cleared and the beauty was shown. it worked surprisingly well. Worst pattern!! The ones I do not follow, so maybe my own? No, I do not have one this year. Maybe ambigious Knitting Calender.I luve Johanna, I luve her idea, I luve her patterns, but she is not great in writing clear patterns. Most wanted pattern. I like Rouge (thanks to Monica) but I never seem to get around it. And of course Heirloom lace patterns and book looks fab!

Best Fiber This year it is Fardhem Gotland sheep fleece. Precarded in sheets. It was fun to spin. But this is unfair of course, because I have not tried it all. Also the merino spun itself.Worst Fiber Unwashed Gotland sheep - spinning directly from the fur. "Spinna tott". The urine-stench takes over the sheep fragrance and my sensetive nose (otherwise it was ok). Most wanted fiber: Possum and Buffalo.

Improvement this year: Persistance! I did actually start and finish some great projects. The OS-knitted coat with gloves and cap was a success, and Julia that took forever - But I was presistent. I stayed with these projects to the end. That is new for me. But I think the best improvement have been for you, readers. I have blogged. Boy I have blogged. I feel like Carrie writing her column for Sex in the City. But this is more yarnvulture/garngamen: Sex through YARNshopping and fiber. And all those great yarn festivals and yarntrips.And the colour course. And Stickstämma. A rich knitting year
Insights this year: When Im inspired I can really knit much in a short time. Even 20 minutes on a commuter train is enough for doing some rows. I luve inventing my own patterns. Im a sweater person, but quick knits are great. My unmentionable large size takes a long time to knit.

Good path this year I can rip things up when Im not satisfied (That is definitely NEW). And I have persistance. Staying-power. Yeah! Happy pappy. I can fix patterns. Bad path this year: Im blogging far too much, which takes too much time from knitting. Im avoiding knitting cafe's since I do not knit very much on them, I just chat. I do struggle with some UFO's.

Wishes for next year: Finish most UFO's, visit a Stiches event and go on a US Yarn shoppingspree when the dollar is nice and low with my friends.Spin more (and better!) - And loose some size around the belly to go down one sweater size ;-) And again. Visit more knitting cafes. It is fun.
Favorite new colour for 2006: Turqoise. It is the Greek deep sea of green and blue in a marriage.

Big Projects for next year: Hanne Falkenberg, and some a FAIR-ISLE. Otherwise it will be finishing already started knits. And more and greater pictures. Also, finding someone to make a better Garngamen header.

Finished objects 2006: OS coat with half-mittens and cap. Julia. Socks. Cerise sweater. Scarf..Hmm. My mind is slipping... What have I been doing?

Started objects 2006: AS: Catherine Parr, HF: Studio 9, mittens (3 pairs), Scarfs (2), socks (3). Spun sweater (2), Green silk sweater, Enterlac malabrigo, hmm... I better stop here. it is so much more I have started. Most used knitted item. No doubt this swinging scarf.
And it is done in just some yarns. I wear it almost every day.

2006 Conclusion
I realized it is the knitting in itself that is the best. Not finishing (even if that is fun). And Yarnshopping.and fondling with my yarn. My pressious yarn, and dreaming about great sweaters to make from it. Happy new year to you all!

Saturday, December 30, 2006

Stash order in Yarnroom(s)

Inspired by Mary (just look at that pool-yarn photo - great blog she has!) who recently cleaned up her yarn-cave, I gave up the internal fight. I have promised myself to never buy IKEA bookshelfs again (since Im very allergic to the formaldehyd glue in the chipped board). I had of course hoped to find some big clumsy old glass-door thingi to stash all my yarn into. But no. No luck! Anyhow, with the mixed feeling you have as a winner and looser in an internal fight, I went to the very near IKEA (in Sweden they are never far away) and got 4 Billy with glass doors in Oak venear. Of course, why 4? Well, that was the number that could fit the Mazda 626 (yep, the ol'gal). I wanted at least 5 (but to be honest 6 is the number here!) Hubby was a darling putting them together, and I was busy filling it up and emptying my scattered boxes. I had about 15 of these white ones (also from IKEA) and 10 of the red cardboard (double size) that you can glimpse a bit of, in my yarn-room. Yarn room was not only yarn, but a bunch of clutter. Anyhow M-i-Law and F-i-Law came for a visit, and as you know from earlier picturs, she is a knitter too. So, I thought, why not have one Billy to tempt her in the guest room? Here it is. The result: A yarnilishious Billy! I guess you would like to have a better peak of what is inside? I do. And I got so exited with this very orderly yarn stash.I almost ripped all plastic off. Im hysteric about moths and other yarn-destroyers. Lets have a look from the top: First, top left is the very fake corner of Lana Grossa. All from Dusseldorf. All soft and almost furry, eyelash yarn, and some novelity yarn. Middle (light silver) and to the right is Rowan summer tweed that ends up with the lime Garnstudio linnen-wool tweed. Very nice yarn, but a bit short in the fiber. Next row is all Färgkrafts wonderful colourings. To the left you see Bronzegold, Troll-woods, and Raspberry dreams (and other inspired yarn-names) and to the right is a bunch of turquoise lime yummy yarn. Most of these are one-threaded, some are two threaded. It is all from Swedish sheep, hand picked by Margaret herself, and spun by Kempe's (?), and of course coloured by her. More about the great course at Färgkraft see earlier postings from this summer. Definitely both scarfes and sweaters in there! The next two shelfs are from a Norway happy meeting. It is the Great (but crazy expensive with customs) "Du store Alpakka". Left are the Babyalpakka-silk, mid are other alpakka (from Catalina! and Debbie Bliss) and to the right on the top - all in plastic is alpakka. Great colourscheme. Below (left) is one of the best of Swedish yarn quality: Östergötlands Ullspinneri. If you are not from Sweden and want a luxury wool yarn, soft as cotton. This is the yarn for you. Great in blue colours. If you are into green, their colours there are so so.The great lime in the middle is PATAGONIA - Nature wool chunky from Nysta. To the right (white and more darker green) is the Elsebeth Lavold yarn, silk-tweed. I do have a pattern from her. She is also one of the great Swedish exports. A true pattern-producer that is soo elegant. Can you take it? Or does this little report make you as happy as Im? Just the last bottom two shelfs: . Here top left are the yarn from Ullcentrum (but I still believe it is spun and coloured in Estonia/Latvia if you look at the colour-schemes!)
The white, green and red are special yarn for the Hälsinge (Swedish heritage) sweaters: Forsa, Delsbo etc. That is special made in Finland I have heard). Wonderful wool. And to the far right (purple and dark) as well as on the lower shelf to the right is yarn from Estonia and Latvia. The top is bought at Ullomera, very reasonable, honest woolyarn, but not supersoft and a bit "dull" colours. The pre-yarn (blueish) is also from there. Ok, finally bottom shelf. To the left is Guernsy yarn from UK (darkblue) and the pelswool (for scarfs) from Östergötlands Woolspinnery (again). And more Estonian/Latvian yarn bought on location. So, now I just need to do a more detailed list. But - it is a start. Now you have time to protest: Do you want all my shelfs in this detail manner? You tell me. Im not done. Not nearly done. And I still have yarn in boxes. But finally weekend again. (Yepp, I DID work these inbetween days!)

Saturday, December 23, 2006

God Jul - Merry Christmas!

God Jul alla vänner och våra kära familjer!
Merry Christmas to all my friends, knitbloggers and family!

Take care, and we hope all your dreams and wishes will comes true! Breathe and think peace! With love, from all of us to all of you!

And to all knitting bloggers, yes, that is the new cerise wrap-around.

Friday, December 22, 2006

Dan före dan före dopparedan...

The day, before the DAY, before the dipping day (is the translation of the title of today). Dipping-day, is when you dip in the ham-broth on christmas. We celebrate the Christmas- evening in Sweden. Not Christmas Day. Maybe it is because Santa is busy in the anglosaxian world (hihi). Do you like my little Santa? Mom did it for me when I was small. I still luv him. So, an extremly lousy picture, but - Yes, Im done with it. Maybe the wrap-around need some posing to do it justice. I have had it to work once. It was warm. It is such a warm winter. Green this year, which is not that common, but we do had a short spray of cold and white, which now is melting. I have been struggling with my cold, and still trying to get my work done, which basically have left me with no energy for anything. I call this "survival mode" but I guess in all perspective, that is not really true (compare to some unfortunate parts of the world).
But, The flue/cold have also hitted the knitting nerve. Or is is a Post-knitting depression? After cheerful cerise- quickknit, I usually dig in to something I have started with good energy. Im so energy drained. The worst part is all these GREATchirstmas cards pouring in. I have written none. Not that I do not care, Im just out of it. OK. Time to stop being a bore. So, Panik. What should I do? I mean. Look at the "small" pile of "ongoings", that have started to build in my library. No. this is not the yarn room. Here I have my WIP' KALs. Hanne Falkenberg to the bottom left. Tudor Roses on top right. Bottom right is fleece for spinning. Top left you might recognize my Malabrigo/Kuyeron enterlac. OK: I picked up this mess in the right picture, lying next to the christmas Calender shawl, which Im desperately behind in. Especially when I realized I have not followed pattern (it was a picture in it, that I missed until NOW). So I would have know. Ambigious instructions. For sure.Anyhow, I hoped that this mess would be a quick knit to finish. The Twisted Floated Shrug, One sleeve and some yarnstumps and hopefully not too much fat belly corrections.(Yes, me and hubby have already worked us through Lindt choclate-truffles, and a box of "Aladin" Two layers of yummy choclate pralines.).. Well, at least it is VERY dark. A Final "hello Mum" - She have found me! She was extatic about my OS knitting coat. Well, Why not? So, dearest busy knitting friends. What to do for hubby in two days? I guess finish my machine-knitting sweater would be an idea. (Ahhg). Anyway, I got my first real wish from my aunt. She want's a Birch in blue. Well, I will sure try. For NEXT christmas!
She doesn't blog, very safe.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Ive got it again! Bad!

Sorry fuglings! I was not well, and that horrible train-ride put me back. Yepp, I was on the train again today (shorter, just 2.5 hours x 2) and Im on my 3 big Kleenex box with a big running red nose. Not the knitting update I was planning (almost done with my cerise). Will be shown new photo when I can take a picture without dripping on it. I just so did not take care. Just ONE more important day and I can crawl back to get well cave and blog through entire holidays. Also done some serious Christmas calender knitting. Ohh! Take care! Think happy thoughts. Many! I just HATE being sick! Second round. Im not winning. Typical, when I get so good promotion from the Big country and the Big Apple over there. Well...If you are a first time visit. Do me a favor and scroll. Plz! Attjo!

Friday, December 15, 2006

More ramblings from a coughing knitter

So, I thought I was well, but it was just a temporary relief. Now Im coughing bad and have no breath at all, but yet I have been working since Tuesday. Wednesday was a maraton, and I did the fatal mistake and lost all work (temporary mail attachment). Ok, then I rushed to the train (X2000) to Lund which is a fast speed train. missed eating. No information and took a change to run and grab a bruger. Well, after 1 hour 30 minutes, the train left (signalling faults - which I KNOW are badly tested systems, but might not be this main reason). So, got sick on the train. Ripped up 2 days work to reknit the christmas calender (had missed the border). 11.30 at hotel in Lund. Raining horisontally. Couldnt sleep until 4 o clock in the morning (stress? sick?) Worked like a dog all day and missed train home on thursday Took the later train that takes one hour longer. Knitted back the new pattern. Realized that we all have interpret "repeat pattern 3 times" differently. I thought it was on height.
Ahh. Still stuck on day 4. The train didn't stop in Stockholm south (where my hubby was waiting) but he had to go to central. Felt really sick. Realized that is the train that causes sea-sickness!!! But got home to a christmas-lit house (Ohh, I just luve him so much!) Slept like a log and have worked from 8.30 to 7.30 (to compensate for my bad tuesday). And Here I am. Feeling exhausted on a friday. So, positive: Is "Sticka med Kaffe Fasset" a good book? Well, it is his usual patterns with some added knitting patters in a much smaller size thus makeable. I like it. Eva Wincent is clever. But his best book is his pattern book in my point of view. More positive: Santa wishlist: 1. MX5 Mazda Miata (modest isn't it ;-) 2. a step-meter (yes, that exercise should have a kick) and of course I would luve any gear tricking me into exercise: Rollerblades, jumping mat, balance ball, jumping rope, hula loop, any machine in that area. 3. A vibrating massage chair (do they exist in Sweden?) 4. Any Spa visit and papering (you see a theme?) Hmm. Lets have a Knitting wish list:
1. Possum fibre (as pure as possible) or yarn
2. Buffalo/bison fibre or yarn (hey for a SWEATER, not a meager scarf!)
3. Order in my yarnroom (glass shelfs) and inventory in a list with all items...(you know nr of stiches per 10 cm/inch, needle size suggested, content etc) yardage/meters colour nr etc...
4. Denise needles (seems to be a good idea)
5. Any Kochoran, silk garn or Cash Iroha yarn (Go Noro Go!)
6. Cashmere yarn from Maria G. (hey, Im picky!)
7. Going to a Stiches event in US!
8. Have a yarn vacation to US!
ok now Im flipping out again.Diving back in a more relaxing knit. or just Blog around and see what you are up to out there!

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Kaffe, and some

Kaffe Fasset in person. Live!
He is an artist, and reminds me in many ways of my fantastic uncle Alf. Charistmatic, self fulfilling, enough, content with life, meeting people all over the world, making the world a better, nicer more colourful way. A downplayed gay that can charm any audience. My uncle died of Aids at age 52 and has been the most influential person in my life - being both my mother and father and a great gestalt therapist. Well, Kaffe had that same aura. It made me happy. It made me sad. I just wanted to spend and evening talking about life with him. But who am I to compete with 100 some women? If I were a man, I would have won. Anyway he signed my bookes (Pattern library is great!)
and the new swedish Kaffe book with some more real patterns from Eva Wincent (who actually knits them her self). Well, I told him that he was missing out on the knitting boom. He is of course always looking for money New knitting book coming out next year. His friend Brandon is also coming out with a new knitting book. So interesting - my head mix. Also both Alf and Kaffe could irritate you. Easily. But, somehow Im draw to narcissistic self proclaimed masters. Anyhow. I was not allowed to take my very Cerise knitting into the place (I just so guessed that this was his colour). He rambled on like a great entertainer on how he gets his inspiration. From colour. From patterns. From everything everywhere, specielly in contrast. He copies, moves to new materials and plays and tryes the mixes out. He can extract it out from anything. Last questions of many "how do you think when you get your inspiration"? Duh! He just talked an hour about it.
And, I think either you see it or you don't. Of course, Im born into a artistic family. It is easy for me to say, but my brother suggested the simplest trick about modern art that actually tought me something. You don't interpret, you don't guess what the artist was trying to say. You do not judge. You just FEEL. Either you feel for it or you do not. Then you know, after a while. What looks good for YOU. What you can stare at for hours, and what just leavs you empty. So!
What about it? Have a look at the Christmas tree Kaffe version. Jepp, just fabric on paper, folded with some wire. Finally a comment comment: Dearest Barbro. It must have been a long time since you cuddled a horse! Ok, Cow-hair (body) are a bit stiffer, but My horses (which I cut their winter fur) was just so cuddly soft, well, not like quivit, not like angora, but somewhere in the vicinity. Short as you say. but not as short as a fullblood, or short haired. That is summer fur. But I have not got it pure. Ohh, BISON is of course on my list of fiber wanted.
Links are welcome (Hey Santa, hint hint! ;-) Hmm Great theme for next days. Santa wish!

Monday, December 11, 2006

Yak yarn. It exists. And Fiber thoughts.

This is yak-yarn. During a conversation on Sticklistan (Sticklistan@kanalen.org), I mistakenly read that someone was on the hunt for yak yarn. That was not at all the case. Rome yarn stores (was it?) is not particularly into Yak to my knowledge. We all had a laugh about it, and still do (I sort of said "if your find yak yarn, buy it for me, and I pay you whatever you feel is fair"). No Yak's on Rome streets. And No Polarbears in Stockholm either. But I bet polarbears (no let them live!) would spin a great yarn. The net bring most yarns to our clickety-click fingertips. But as you all know IT IS THE HUNT! Anyhow, I just couldn't resist the opportunity when it was on the yarn list of Fuzzy Mable. I just thought it might be something like Quivit (swe: Myskoxe). Nope it is not. This yarn COULD be any sheep. maybe a little mohair-goat twist to it. But definitely far from Quivit. And I have it. It had no brand, so I have no idea how much blend or pure it is. But, I assume some mix. I think Yak is more similar to cows or horses (no, not their tails or mane hair). The fuzzy stuff. I now own YAK, QUIVIT, Camel, Cashmere, Angora, alpaca, mohair, all sorts of wool, human hair (the latter fiber great for water-resistance and durability in for example sole's in a sock or mittens for fishermen). In the living family. What I miss is: Possum yarn. No, no possums in Notre Dame ;-) Possums are a great memory from my time in Melbourne in Australia.We had one in our roof, and 12 every night it jumped on our tin roof and scared/woke/angered us every night. So that is on my list, as pure as possible. Of course I would luve to try out guanaco (was that right, it sounds like guano ;-) and other Lama-relatives. Any fiber I'm seriously missing? (I do not count silk as HAIR!). of course dog and cat, but Im allergic to dogs... And it is raining like 'em today.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Consequence of NOROvember, Fuglesang!

I guess people are busy in the weekend. Im so addicted to comments. I luve them. So, after email with Interview Knitting, the winter number would be here until 3 of January. Hey, Sweden is not the end of the world? It takes 20 minutes for Fuglesang (the first Swede in Space) to reach Stockholm from Florida! I saw him take of tonite. And today it is Nobel-prize day. I really felt the Peace prize was decerving. Micro-economics.
Give the money to responsible women. Well in my family, my hubby is the most responsible one with money.. Without him, I would have spent it all. Now I only flip out on yarn. It is limited damage in my busy life. The 10 year old dime-tap flue from Oz (yepp, live there then) works wonders, and I got my hearing back. It is rather difficult to communicate with the head in a bucket.
Anyhow, still recovering but Im over the peak. Yarn stories? OK. Lets look at what happened after inspiration from When the going gets tough the tough get knitting! November 7 posting. Of course I linked to Fuzzy Mable and bought a lot of Noro! First, Pictures from top. My package. Cheap uniil Swedish tax and customs added 40%, now more expensive than if bought in Sweden. Second close up of the Kochoran nr 41 (4) to complete my other Kochoran from Nysta. Then r Iro (I have not a clue what to do with this yarn, in maturing pile ;-) But colours are GREAT. And finally here is the novelty, the new Noro LIGHT silk garden. I think it is faboulus. I have no idea what to do, but finally a thin yarn. It will be GREAT! It will take another year (!) until it reaches the shops in Sweden according to Nina (Nysta!). The last very natural white I will give a posting about tomorrow. It is a story in itself. Opps also forgot to mention my friend Marika in Stickigt got mentioned by the Swedish fashionista. Too bad Im writing in English, a string of jealousy there. But hey, she is GREAT, and she also started the Faroese shawl KAL - I can always join a KAL with no dates... I said
with NO dates. Just join - of course all in Swedish. But she has got great pictures!

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Enterlac -Malabrigo-Noro progress!

This is my latest new project, I just could not resist the soft Malabrigo wool. And Im so into turquoise. This colour is called "emerald". And it is just exactly the same as in Noro. As you can see Noro (183) is much more brown, black and grey, and very little lime - and turquiose. I love enterlac. It moves you into great progress. The problem is of course fixing the neck and sleeves. This time I have an even number of squares. An improvement at least. To be brutually honest: It is a bit strong in the colours. A bit too strong, and busy. I do not think I would have done it if I new the result would be like this. But, I think it will be one of those loved sweaters anyway. Cheerful. So I better finish it. It is a quick knit. 13.40 and the sun is almost setting in our horizon. It is very close to mid winter (the 21) when the day is the shortest. Talkning about december and winter holidays. I'm so stuck in the knitting Christmans calender. It is a bit quirky pattern. I'm still on dec. 4th. So behind. Not as smooth as I would expect. But, ok. Johanna is great as a person, I forgive anything. As usual, torn between the different knittings. Finish Enterlac or be done by christmas? Thank you for my well wishes. I do feel terrible. My head is ready to pop, ears, throat hurts, coughing is pain. Still fever, and my nose is read as Rudolfs. Already used up two packages of Kleenex. Better? not Really.
Enterlac, I think it is so fun. I feel sorry for people claiming their perfectionism prevent them from enterlac. They do not get it. It is just great. Try it. But use WOOL, not superwash or combed (kamgarn). That would not even out the special lifts.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Oh no, sick again - Paris in a fever

So,hectic at work at get back. My dear brother, the ARTIST Johan Mauritzson (my great birthday present from him on left!) came from up north for a visit. And I just got the worst cold, so I couldn't really talk. Such a sore throat. Now, I have to explain some things. My brother have a red shoe in his fridge. It is a long story, but, visiting Pompidou, the modern art museum in Paris, they had this giant shoe looking very similar, and my guess is that my brother, about 30 some years ago saw this when he was interrailing there. He does of course deny the connection.
But, the shoe (very clean!) is in his fridge. Un Object d'Arte! Anyhow, I was a bit bad yesterday, not only did I sneak off work a bit early, I also visit Maria's Yarn shop to have a good chat, and view her fantastic work. Im so impressed by her. She had knitted that fair-ilse from Loop-d-Loop, in an estonian yarn that has slow colour-changes. Just absolutely breathtaking. Of course the purpose was to buy Johannas knitting christmas calender. I confess. Im still on december 1. And decided I would stick to it.Knit it, and then open the next day. Then I just had to go to dear Nina at Nysta to make my malabrigo and Kureyon complete (I hate when I ran out in a sweater). So yarn shopping. Stockholm is so lucky! Ohh, I hate being sick. It was that rain and walking and bad belly, and all french kissing on the cheeks. The latter probably the reason, with too many hotel rooms and too little sleep, must be a good way to get some germs. Well, I have three packages of wool that I will take pictures on tomorrow. And of course the enterlac. Today I was just too bad to do it. Please excuse me. But still great Paris memories.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Back from Paris and some more Speede..

The classical picture. The new head-piece from France. And - this is me. Oh, I have missed the blogging. Actually I have been 3 days in Rijen (Breda) in Holland, and then 4 days in Paris. Work, but at least a weekend in Paris. And, It has been a lot of knitting. The new plane craze for water, makes them totally ignore wooden circular needles - equal size to pen.. so, I have done half an enterlac in Malabrigo (turqoise/Emerald) and Kuyreon (nr 183, that has just the same tinte of turqoise in it). Is it busy? You bet. It is a colour-chock. But Malabrigo get the best recommendations from me. Soft as a whisper, knits thick and filling, and is surprisingly long for a hank (usually thick yarn is so short). I pure pleasure to knit. Paris was raining (in picture it just cleared up), and my favourite food Beuf Tartar (sorry guys, it is RAW MEAT) was so tasty the first evening, that it was worth one day of very frequent visits to WC's. Say no more. At least it was only one end, so it was manageable. Anyhow, In the rush between packing, I remebered the name of where to go, but did not print the blog, so I had to phone to find it. After a day of chasing, we ended up at La Drougerie . Of course, this was a shop filled to the brim with goodies. It did a fine job presenting yarn (wool, alpacka, cashmere, cotton, blends) in the same colour-scheme. All hanging in hanks displayed. Unmarked yarn. You needed to stand in line for 30-40 minutes to get help. So, a weird experience, when I had husband (and a bunch of frustrated men) pacing outside the door when I had gladly said "it will only take 15 minutes dear". But being "etranger" is not always bad. I decided, and somehow got to buy some expensive cashmere (10 g, 4 Euro).
But the experience for me was the weaved silk-bands. This fits just right into my Speede-sweaters. So I bought a meter of this and that. Just great. Bon Marche? I wish. I was content.
I had my little bag - and HEY I have a yarn room.
So, How did my course-work look like? Half way through (I'm not finished) I have slaughtered a sweater (to practice before I knit the new), and done the band attachments and some stiches. This is how it looks like in progress... You will have more later. And I have so much more to show and tell. This blog will be busy the next days.

Monday, November 27, 2006

Short update.. Speede preview.

This is not me! This is Machineknitting chair for group "Kullerbyttan" Ann-Britt. She wears a sweater inspired by speede (it is machine knitted!) orginials are done by hand in intrecate patterns on 1.5 mm or smaller. I spent the weekend on a great course for Inger arranged by Sticka. Speede, means needle in the souther sweeden ol' dialect. Anyhow, it is all about doing it nice. Really nice. But I'm a knitter and not into sewing, but knitting, so I have struggled. Therefore I will photo and show you and tell about it when Im back. Anyhow, next week Breda (Rijen) in Holland, and then on Friday to Paris. So, no posting (if I do not get some minutes tomorrow). Now it will short sleep until 7.20 train (meaning 5.30 i.e. 4.30 hours is get-up time!) good nite!

Thursday, November 23, 2006

You got it! Smart knitting people!

I know I'm somewhat strange or "original", in this bad swenglish blog. And I try hard to entertain a very spoiled (?) crowed of blogging knitters. But, then it just happens (ad on tv). You got it! What are the sweet sheep doing? Of course, Top models in a knitters view. You just cannot blog without pictures. Then you loose your crowed immediately! btw (=by the way) Sorry, I sure hope in my heart I do not offend anyone. Models and sheep are of course totally different, but humor is peculiar. And Yes, figuring out WHO MURDERED someone by looking at forensic evidence (CIS, NCIS) it is the same thing as figuring out - why did I knit my enterlac sleeve, so I totally closed the sleeve-gap BEFORE realizing that I have done a serious mistake AGAIN. Second time. Rip it! It is like a POND here. Sigh. Now, I do need some smart support. I'm soon knitting the sleeve from the other way and doing a "bad fit" to make it work! Ahh, And Colin Firth. He is just one year older than me, Yummy. I agree, Google him. I do feel a bit weak for Hugh G. too, but Colin is more of a MAN. H. is "about a boy". And I did like both Timothy Dalton and Pierce B. as Bond, I'm so not sure of the new Bond. My latest favourite for some time Keanu R. has gained weight.Real Hearth throb, Mr Aragon himself - Danish Viggo Mortenson, has a soul, face and charisma and body to luve (yeah ride with him in the sunset), but finding out he is a smoker and snuffer (swe: snus) and maybe a danish drinker (hey whiskey and gammeldansk) makes him rather revolting to kiss, but I wouldn't mind spending time with him. Artist too, and poet. Ahh!. But, that image has a crack for me. (Ideal men should be flawless!) Also, back to Keanu, I have a problem with that is becoming a bit "filled" (well, I'm a big girl), but he looks like he need a good cry and less romantic dinners with Ms Pretty women.(My hubby calls her, "huge grin" and no face.). Julia R. ok. But Keanu in Point Blank. Druel. Matrix ok. Sigh! ok... this must be the good wine and dinner I had with my friends. I guess Hubby still wins any contest. That is good... Ignore all wine ramblings! Serious (ha): I do knit on travels, but lately, I have been too tired to do any real work, sleeping all over the place. Oh, I forgot Sense and sensibility. Of course. I have seen it now... hmmm 8 times? Yeah the enlish version. Remember Howards End? That is als0 good (and sad). Ahh, these romantic movies.I will never be able to knit my enterlac wrong math sleeve PhD in knitting would be better then testing. I know it is wrong!
Anyhow, this must be the most unstructured posting yet. I allow it. I have no ambition but to entertain you and me. And you are still reading?! Hey THANK YOU!! This weekend I will be on a Speede-tröjor course (swedish special sweater knitting - almost like "nattetröjor" from Denmark). And I just got a letter, there is YARN to collect at the post office. So, keep tuned. Turkish pattern. THANKS M: very nice to share it. I had no idea that was the english name. Hugs! Here it is raining and dark. MORE pictures on Speede? Ok, it is on needles 1.25mm, it is one colour. It is pattern (star) in purl. It marks seems and is a THIGHT thing, often short, since the skirts were sitting high! AND it uses nice bands for neck. That was the "luxary".(yeah, I do not need to go on the course, but it is still FUN!) I will use Twinny. I will knit it in LIGHT BLUE. I have a plan. I have a lot of plans. I luve having plans. I luve reading those comments.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

SO OT Knitting. Season Finale Top Model 6

OK, confession! I knit mostly in front of the TV. And that makes me look at a lot of TV. So favourits are: Scrubs, Star Trek, Absolutely Fab, Nanny, Mash, Top Model (Go Tyra!) and Oprah, of course occasionally a Dr.Phil, and E.R. But I like feel good movies. I Luv Forrest Gump, Sound of Music, Pretty Women and the drama I watch is Matrix and of course The Lord of the Rings trilogy. But good TV is what makes me totally need to frog several rows. No, simple knits there. So Which of the girls will win? I have no clue. I so did not agree last time, and somehow I like Jade, Diva as is, but she works hard. Arrogant? What a projection on her. Now, For real it is sooo exiting: It is Joanie.It is what they want. With fake teeth. I just hate veneers. It is Jade going out. It is CRAZY! Oh now. I always my favourite that goes. Ohh...Well. Sigh. Anyhow. Im doing a serious Enterlac fix. And it is soo difficult since it is uneven numbers of squares.

Sunday, November 19, 2006


Thank you for all your great hints about Paris. I think it mostly will be doing what my Hubby want, since he has never been. I have had many romantic trips there. Sailboat show? Hmm, great hint, Monika, but I do not want to tempt me with anything bigger than we have. Small boats, small worries, big boats, big worries! And Dear Mary! Hang on to your yarn. I truely need nothing else. Im just so glad for that. It is your thoughts that matter. So warm, the Texas heat comes all the way to the very dark Sweden. The truth is, I have too much yarn myself. Over 2 years ago my dear mother-in law told me I had enough for life. And I have not stopped buying. I think the frustration of one of my favourite yarns, the Yorkshire Tweed 4ply from Rowan was out, made me order from Angel yarns even more (enough for a good sweater) over the net last night. So, it will be a fair-ilse ala A. Starmore. Anyhow, this is my Trekking yarn (from London/ Stash). Thank you so dearest NY friend, without your encouragement - I still cannot believe we met.Makes me so happy to see you smiling in your knits. Amazing world this blogging. The Trekking yarn will be a sock some time, but it is way down on the to do list. But some updates. My green silk (both sleeves) are done, and 1 dm re-done (I do listen, sleeves FIRST!). My cerise/cyklamen I'm half way down on one sleeve, and have another to go, now syrup-knitting. Twisted floated shrug still needs one more sleeve (the one I just ripped), it should have belly extension to be wearable. And Jaeger Scotland Tweed in dark grey (Aran) I'm finally doing the last neck pattern (and then sleeves). Will be great. Tudor Roses: Catherine Parr needs ripping and reknitting from scratch. Well, I have at least decided all, so it is just GO GO GO. And Hanne Falkenberg also needs ripping and redoing (Studio 9) which I just begun. Then we havethis Matchmaker merino in Enterlac, just one sleeve to go. Needs half ripped up, some tricks and reknit...So, Too much to do, too little time. And I must confess, my mind is thinking about Bohus and an Island cardigan. I have problems finishing. Serious problems. Therefore I like Julia. It is finished. And I wear my Noro in brown everyday. And I also think about my new enterlac in Noro Malabrigo turquoise. And spinning the rest of that sock. Ohh, the SORK gotland spun cardi with spun colouring Hmmm.. Ok, stop it, and good girl. Finish the sleeves on my cyklamen. It is in the sofa. But it needs a wide collar. Sigh.... first some bloghopping...

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Julia with collar!

Here is Julia "again". It is great. I knitted a collar I can add on, After a short walk between two yarnshops (hey, best way to spend a saturday shopping day!) I was HOT, and with a swift move, it was gone again. Here you can see how loose it is, but I guess big belly doesn't make it nicer (this is one out of 8 photos, where I didn't look like 7 months...) I still belive Im like the dog who wants puppies so bad she is faking it "sken-dräktig", sorry, untranslateable. Anyhow
I got another Kid-silk Haze at Wincent, and stocked up on some more Yorkshire Tweed to my fairilse. Shop was crowded. I also bought a ticket to see the man himself 12 december for a lecture... Kaffe Fasset. But I'm a bit unsure here given Mia's encounter. Well, it is a long time to the 12th of December. A Paris shopping spree planned around 1-4th of December. (Yarnshops anyone? Paris central?) Anyhow, then the parking ended up just next to Nina and Nysta (not the first time). And, Some more of that Noro below and 2 other hanks with some wooden needles find its way. And - I gave up on VK and bought that one and Knitsimple. VK was great! Wow, white looks so fresh. I just want to knit it ALL!

Friday, November 17, 2006

Compassion - my favourite word! OT and some Knit

More compassion in the world. More compassion between people! More compassion from me. It is a great word taste it: COMPASSION,
including passion, engagement, love and also the word together. I think comments is a way to show compassion. And I'm always so excited to here from you out there and I try to be good commenting myself! Even if I have realized that my somewhat limitid vocabulary often make me say Wow or fantastic, which are often the true word of all great things made! It is all those small things. Helping in the small.
Anyhow, Vk has not arrived, but hey, they gave me an extension, so now I'm on VK Stockholm hunt (tomorrow!). The week was terrible. No air. Worst Asthma-week for years, ended up in a allergy/histamin "afylactic chock?" so I was totally "breathless" for some hours before my heavier stuff started to work. It really wiped me out. I guess the constant munching of chochlate with hazelnuts traces (the latter Im sensitive too) did the job toghether with the irritating cold.
Anyhow, I missed another Sticka deadline (sigh). My Cerise is now a wrap-around vest, and I have started on the sleeves. First fitting made it obvious it needs a big collar to look nice. Oh, I had a look through my Noro - it is Norovember. And do I have Noro?! Well only some boxes!
Please forgive me. Im human. And I do think the Kureyon looks great in Enterlac. That seems to be something everyone have figured out. It is like a plaige. But I do find Enterlac fun to knit. And now it is finally week-end. How great!

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Move on, relax, enjoy.

What to do when everything feels dark? Start a new bright knitting ;-) Cyklamen/Cerise. Ahh. To the left is the wonderful Silk bag where I got my petal collection, and one wonderful Kid-silk Haze in Cerise from Dearest HPNY Knits. That is mixed with Nikolaj (Danish yarn) and the bright cerise handcoloured from Solveig (Wool-angora) and 3 thick silk/alpacka from stash. So, the entire bottom of this wrap-cardigan is soon done, Ok, it is LARGE needlesize (8 Swedish!) I also got some Noro from Fuzzymabel based on a hint from NY. All Noro of course. Crazy I know. The customs will probably get the prize up to strange levels. But It was to easy, and I was a bit down. That is the second heeling tip of depression. Buy more yarn. Fixes you every time.
(Hey it is NOROVEMBER!!)
Of course being such a fan of my NY friends blog, I act like a true fan,not only stealing her great links, but her great ideas. You can see the Noro in my cerise knitting ;-)
With my yarnstash - you would think Im very depressed, but I can find many reasons for buy yarn. Anyhow, Do not worry about Julia. Elastics are out (since I, allergic to that stuff) and reknit? Forget it. But I will need to wash it before wearing it. Cotton shrinks a bit. Maybe a big belt. Just that the yarn was overrated.
So this blurry greeinsh yarn is Catherine Parr (A. Starmore, Tudor Roses) edge to be ripped. Give you a photo to have the colours. No, Im not using the blues. That yarn is still from the London show in last posting (Jamiesons colour scheme). Sorry for confusing you. But that is stress sympthoms. Cannot even blog structured. Take care. In Swedish Newspaper DN an article about knitting is on the Sunday part. Books and hints. Fun! We are making a mark. Now I need more cerise Kid silk, or should I be bould without it? I sure have been knitting. Luv to you! And thanks for commeting and caring, It makes it so great to see those comemts! Hugs. (Now I must rush to put clothes on my sailboat for winter!)