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Monday, November 01, 2010

Statistics from Silicon Valley! 20539 meters Done

Sorry for not blogging - I am fine. Right now I am at a hotel room in California ;-)
You can check in anytime of year (but I hope I can leave ;-) now - in contrast to the famous song. So again - beg for forgiveness of the lack of fancy pictures. .. Many more next time!

OK! I actually made a tally of this year: I think I have reported earlier 8879 meters knitted (?).

And I have now counted the projects from there, and I have knitted 11660 meters more in 94 balls/hanks. Meaning my new tally is the best ever and so far:
20539 meters !

So more than 2 swedish mil - or 20 km! I must inform that a lot of this is NOT knitted this year, and since it has been WIP times, I am guesstimating that at least 1/3 of it is knitted earlier than 2010... but nevertheless.. it has been a productive year - and the year is not over.

I can also inform that it takes me about one hour to knit approx 40 (-50) meters - which makes it about 500 hours of knitting. Which is an average of 2 hours a day - a tally that seems a bit low(?) but I guess there is more work than just knitting with a sweater. And there are days when almost no knitting is done.

I should now start to keep stats for how much winding, preparation, assembly, buttons etc take. I count it as "knitting time", and the above measurement is going through yarn.... Of course - when you knit fair-isle - you consume much more yarn, so that should probably be separated and measured too.

But it is interesting, right? Last years tally was 13 000 (approximate from memory) meters, so I have already definitely been knitting much more this year. Or more fair-ilse ;-)

I have two more finished sweaters just waiting for a a day in the sun! So do not abandon me dear readers. Have patience.