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Friday, July 30, 2010

OT: Redang, Malaysia!

The sea in Redang, Malaysia is so blue- turquoise! Wonderful and salty. And dearest is reading in the shade. I am knitting. That is if we are not snorkling. Ahh what beautiful days. Some thunderstorms at night with spectacular lightning. When it is COOL in the AC it is about 26 degrees, otherwise it is about 33...! All in all we have had a great vacation! Rested, trained in the gym, eaten our Nyona Laksa and Mango, and enjoyed every minute. Time to get back to reality! And those beautiful fishes and huge butterflies, bats, ants.... I mean this moth/night butterfly is big as a bat... (pic from Kuala Lumpur). We are true fans of Malaysia. What a great place.