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Friday, October 30, 2009

More Pink Baby Ida...

It is small hearts as buttons. The last of my Pink yarn - as well as October is going to an end. This is the last of this batch of Baby stuff for my cousins little girl. Now - quick to the post office and sending it and all the other stuff (see 2 posts below). It has been silent here. But I seen you apprechiate my FO (the cardi)...thanks. I'm so much
looking forward to the current knit A true masterpiece cable - Alice Starmore's wonderful St Brigid. Two sleeves finished, and the back, so now Im knitting on the front panel. It will be a cardi, I think with zipper, but I might swap to clasps.... Anyhow, so this was the wonderful artistic picture my dear brother sent me. It is me knitting the camisole (the blue/lime one). So cool. As my brother says, drawing people I know is the hardest - since he projects himself so much into it. I love it. I think he captured just that serene bliss I get when I knit something I really love. I get so focused - I loose my self and I find myself. Thas is what great knitting does. I think it might be more than a weeks knit, but I'm loving it. Unfortunately, my research hunts me a bit over the weekend, so Im still very busy.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

OT: Guggenheim Bilbao - and RAIN!

Bilbao in Spain is something special. The museum is an architectual piece. But the exhibition... well, Im brought up with "house models" from dad and mom (architects/ ditto), so F.Lloyd-Wright was cool, but not enough! The small (very small) collection of real art (painings and sculptures - was almost less pieces than I have in my home collection). As you know - my dear brother is an artist - wonderful paintings and sculptures, so. If Guggenheim was filled with my brothers art - the place would glow. So throw up some millions, and Im sure he can make those empty dead walls to vibrate and also the fab - but so empty - spaces, to vibrate. Why are people so "dead"? I really think a dark room with a poorly recorded video and some noice is just a waste of my time. And - I payed for it? It is really cheating people instead of inspire them. No yarn hunt report as planned. It was so rainy, and I admit. I was so not in the mood to hunt for yarn when the time was scarce... Anyhow, My fab brother gave me a wonderful piece for my birthday. Me knitting. I have to frame it! Thank you!