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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Soon, very soon...

I have knitted and worked and worked and knitted. And yet, I am still not completely done. Wonderful Cardigan Gripsholm pattern, by the Swedish designer Cornelia Tuttle Hamilton, Mariefred. I have had the yarn for ages. It is Noro Kureyon in the now gone colourmix nr 52.One of my favourite Noro combinations. I mean blue, turqoise, green and lime and purple - all in different shades. Love it.It is mixed with Noro Cash Iroha in black. Which makes the colour even better. I still have half a sleeve to do, but since I did not post anything last week, I thought you were waiting ;-) Otherwise we are still fighting the cold that just does not seem to disappear.. and tick-bites maybe infectious, and the normal hurdles of life... but when the peonies are blooming, sun is shining, it is hard to complain about anything....really. Life is to beautiful. Full of colour, full of hope. Finally we go the vegetable garden seeds in. And I am still working on the two last chapters of the thesis... Still much review and rework to do, but getting there.... ahh, subject? "Software Testing" (computer science/software engineering). PhD date 21 Oct (probably). Title "On Test Design" (I think... it is short and bold..but so am I).