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Sunday, March 11, 2012

FO: Eternity Cardigan

Finally, this very labour intesive cardigan "Eternity Cardigan" is finished. It was started 10 years ago on long communiting to Sundsvall, when we had to clear out his house, after he died. And finally finished today, where I sew in the last buttons that I have made (in Raku technique). The yarn is hand coloured swedish one-thread (lace) from Färgkraft, in two colorschemes: Lime and "Trollskog" (Goblin forest ;-)As you can tell, it varies a bit. The knitting technique is called "Brioche" or två-färgs patent in Swedish, which basically requires you to knit every row twice. Since it is lace yarn on 2 mm needles, one row on the body takes 2 times 20 minutes. You can probably figure out that there are a few 100rds of ours on this one. The advantage with this technique is that it is reversible, so, as you might spot on the picture - I have it reversed on the second picture. I relize that next time it would be better to do this for a sweater, and not a cardigan (or have double rows of buttons), but ok, I sort of like the lime side a bit better. Here the sunshine has come back - as we have - from a week of sunshine in Krabi, Thailand. Very relaxing. But both dearest and me got the flu, so we are actually stuck inside, knitting and watching "The Wire" - which we both got very hooked on. And of course, I am knitting away. I have been knitting a lot - but, I feel all my knits are very time-consuming and demanding. Not much get finished. But this is the month to turn this around. Sorry for being away for February, but I started my second job at Karlstad University. So, now I get much more to fill my time with - and a bit less knitting. Anyhow, I am feeling better in many ways than I have in a long time (ok, except for the runny nose and soar throat). Spring in front of us, and fun research. Feels like this will be a great year! Maybe a little more time in the garden, maybe a little more energy to exercise (oh yes, despite appearancies, I do go to the gym!) and hopefully a lovely summer. I feel so fortunate. Life is good on a sunny sunday afternoon. Now, I will drink my caffe latte, and go back to the second series of The Wire. (We watched the first yesterday and friday... I am just saying.. It has a vibe to it). Take care out there, ok?