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Thursday, November 09, 2006

Disappointments and updates.

Im sorry. Im not a happy puppy! Two days wear, and Julia ribbings are all flat. You would think a yarn has been tested, not only created for "cool" looks. It is the Rowan Cashcotton 4ply. Cotton, Angora and something. Totally lost its form. Sigh, after half a years work. I should have figured overexpensive and micro-somthing does NOT mean it is great! Now I should really stick to WOOL. So, I started Catherine. Worked like a dog, and, even if I have swatched, I must have counted wrong, Ok, I'm big, but not THAT BIG, which of course means a 2 dm (20cm) should be removed. I did on circular, so, Rip rip. 6 hours work gone. But it will work great. Interesting I will knit small size ;-) Anyhow, I realized I did not have Catherine on wooden needles. So, I needed a new small project on the plane. I found HPNY Knits great Kidsilk mohair in cerise. Just matches the Danish Tussah silk -merino mix (Nikolaj). Wooden needles size 8 (no! NOT US size). And-now are Vouge Knitting on every news stand, and I have NOT got my copy? Why, I say WHY! I sure hope I will not miss IK too!

Monday, November 06, 2006

Confusing or just tired? All is Fuzzy!

No Zoe, the last blog-entry pictures was from London. The yarn was for a yarnshop called Stash. The snow was gone this morning. So I walked out in the ice-cold and took this gloomy picture of what I got yesterday.Bag of fleece to the right, three hanks of this superthing green-yellow from Estonia, and the silk in from Solsilke. Grayish white is the merionostuff. It was cold, sand I didn't want to put the yarn in the wet (sorry for all bags).
And I realized that most pictures are fuzzy (shaking with cold probably)..
It is just above freezing, but It will get warmer (All this for you Z - weather!) But good part is that I rushed to Kaffe Fasset exhibition at Waldemarsudde with our Knitting-group Sticka. Nice to meet everyone. Mostly quilts, and I learned that Kaffe has some women sewing up for him based on his colours. Interesting guy that told some history though. And some knitted garments, but I saw them before at Steninge Slott (a castle here). I knew I was going to get disappointed a it (thanks all other blogs), but I still HAD to see it. Rushed home to hubby who changed tires (winter-tires on know!) Yeah!. We were to wrap our sail-boat, but they hadn't lifted her out of the water yet. Im so worried about our little Alice (the boat!). Well, I have started to do the Catherine Parr. Ohh, is she a slow one?
YES. 4 hours 2 cm. 3.25 on yarn. I mix Kempes green (normal 2threaded worsted), and one thread Estonian superthin (so fuzzy picture!) almost sewing thread! that has slow change of greens with a very light touch of bronze. Tough workweek again. I'm off to Aachen (Germany) tue-wed. Västerås (MDh) thursday. Exhausted Friday ;-) I will try to get a lot of Lindt Choclate (the factory is just next to work), and if I'm lucky (do not think so) I will have an hour at Anna Strasse (Görg & Görg) yarnshop. I know where it is at least!
So H. I have not a clue what "left over yarn" I will use for 70 swatches? But the example was a bit too mixed for me. I think I will be more coordinated (like Kaffe ;-)
Have a theme of several colours. Think it through. Create something more calm. All shades of green? no, I do like the Prins Eugen's palett. Blue. Or I actually saw a great painting. Listen to this combo: old pink, lime-grass green., brown-grey, white-grey, and lilac.... Hmm... colours are personal and changes. And we are almost loosing our light here in the blue Sweden. Sun drops so slowly that it is a loooong dusk. All have a blue tint. Just check the pictures.. Like this silk. Sorry for being so confusing. Late nite and brain-dump. Does not work! Luv ya out there. HUGS! Be patient with human flaws, it helps.