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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Stickcafe in Älvsjö

Great idea to join the wonderful women in Domino maskan. Found another near knitting neighbour. She was knitting a wonderful kids vest. I envy small projects. At least I took the bike, so I could work a bit on getting into a smaller size! Ulla, my Hoya friend, and chair of the swedish knit club Sticka knittid on needles 12. Scarf. Nice and fast. Time for my knitted and ripped up Colinette Point 5 Jacket? Then there were lush wristbands in nice pattern. Small project are great, except I have three already unfinished.... Then scarfs, scarfs and my memory fails. Maria with something patterned white. And the wonderful Candle Flame in alpacka from Karin was a dream. The other Karin was doing a very nice cool sweater/cardi, and then another sweater. Still in the cotton country. I'm going nowhere. Half a finger. No exiting progress. So...I guess I'm a beginner failing blogger.
Not good enough quality pictures. (see some horrible examples!) Noro cap for my hubbie. (to match sweater below).Too dark. Or this, hihi, my starting two-end knitted sweater.. fuzzy...
Too long text, with too few references. Too bad english (have any english speaker read this? Should I switch to swedish?) Where are my links? Not a personal button, look instead of my first stop favorite Stickigt. She is a master to learn from. And the worst thing is I was on the net in the beginning of the 80's. In the 90's I was hacking html pages with all entertaining in Stockholm. And now work started. Brains goes softer, but love goes stronger.Well. Practice makes perfect.
At least I can show off one of my actual finished projects (short sleeves added this summer) Pagan in Calmer from Rowan. I did many special changes. Added one colour on brim. Did pattern on collar, and added very short sleevs, since it hides unwanted straps. Pink really looks sick agains the grey. It is fab. Problem: It is HOT!