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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The sock year of 2008 - Looking back!

16 pairs of socks. 32 socks have been knitted this sock year of 2008. I kept the promise to myself and did at least one sock a month, and some. And yes, they are used and loved, and I have realized that socks are fun to knit. Fast, sometimes tricky, and these patterns are very rewarding. I have finished 3 sweaters and one west, 1big lace shawl and 3 other shawls, 2 hats and 1 wristwarmer, and only one pair of mittens. But I have started (and knitted more than 60%) of 8 sweaters whereof two are just at 20%. I guess every second year MUST be a sweater year. Socks are perfect to bring on the train though, and I commute to my Uni - which takes its 1.5 hours one way. I guess in retrospect, Im rather pleased. I had a thing on socks - Now it is gone. But it is funny, for two pairs I really suffered on second sock syndrome, and also, when past the heel it is usually fast as anything. I will definitely knit socks next year - from my books. And instead of (hmmm) knitting a way that box of sock-yarn, it is now filled to the brim from my US visit this summer. Looking back, I think the BEST shopping-experience was Knit-map, a rented Mazda with GPS, and one day hopping yarnshops in San Jose with a Starbucks in my hand. Or the entire vacation just thereafter, with yarnvisits in the Seattle, Vancouver area, climbing mountings and knitting. Yummy! Favourite yarnvisit: Weaving works in Seattle. Favourite yarn. Well, that is a tough call, between lushious Fleece-artist and Handpainted yarns vs Plötulopi from Alafoss Istex that has been the latest fling. But I must say I very much love the Southwest Tradings Bamboo. It has a soft cool feel, that is just like a caress. Well. Yummy knitting year. I also cleaned and reboxed all my yarn in the yarn room. That feels good. Another thing about 2008 is this is where I fell completely into the Starmore chant. Yes, I have bought yarn for 6 sweaters. And Im still working on the first. Also in 2008 I spent a fortune on knitting books. Starmore for sure, but a lot of others - Japanese, many american, Danish and some Swedish. It is the greatest hobby. Can a year be summarized? I had a great knitting year. All over the world. Happy New 2009 to you all! Many happy Knitting hours!