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Friday, December 30, 2011

The magic year of 2011!

Where to start the reflection of this fantastic magical year of 2011? I reached two milestones of my life. Getting my PhD and turning 50! It is still a surprise that I managed to to anything else to be honest, but I did sacrifice my summer vacation - and I do feel that now. I finally got some spinning done - not much - but the sunshine reminds me of my short breaks to catch some sunshine between hours in front of the computer. I did learn Navajo ply - which was exiting! The Inspira sweater - based on a cowl based on a hat - in the wonderful Artyarns - knitted in corrugated rib - with "relaxing rows" inbetween - was a very long knit - but with a beautiful result - My Inspira Sweater - which was one of the 12 sweaters I managed to knit this year. Otherwise I think my big contribution have been mittens. This pair as many - are given away. Magic years are giving years. And I do appreachiate all the hard work and support I have recieved. So this year is full of memories! I think my favourite sweater (in a tie with Inspira) must be Choclate crossing. It came to life commuting to work - and the yarn is soft and yummy. Even if it pills a lot. Most pleasure has been knitting the intricate mittens with "scandinavian/baltic" patterns. I just love picking my own favourite colours - and they are relatively fast done. Best knit 2011? The wonderful mittens or the scrumptius sweaters? I cannot tell. It is hard to tell if a tricky fair-ilse in honest yarn (that does not pill) can compete with the caress of the softest there is... Highlights are for sure KnitNation in London and meeting knitting friends - and my PhD "event".. ohh come to think of it - it has been such a magic year. I am truely blessed. One could of course discuss my WIP/UFO pile that maxed out on 100 - now to 82 - but I have knitted 30 items this year. It is rather great! Ok - you actually have to browse the blog to find all of my knits - that is the trick - it is nice to have the history. It is a bit sad when it disappears. I have slowed down a bit though in my posting. Maybe because the last months I have been knitting really time-consuming knits. But - I guess that is how it goes, sometimes one must slow down to speed up. Ohh I watch all my pictures and think about the lovely time to come. The light. The spring. The year of the Dragon.. Getting my 82 below 42? That would be a goal! Many more sweaters and blogging. So wonderful! I hope I can knit some more. At least I will commute more and longer. That is so exiting! Take care out there and hope you have a wonderful magical year of 2011 as I did!