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Saturday, September 22, 2007

Some reflections in the night...

I missed ECF... but finally I feel alive again. I have been frustrated with my research - more or less bombarded by musts, which incapacitate any creative (sorry, scientific) writing. But today after sitting still in isolation for two days, trying to focus on the very long list of expectancies from others, suddenly I just got the flow. And - what really started it was last nights knitting in the very messy yarnroom. The yarn-room with 4 smacked filled book-cases with glass windows, 10 boxes of yarn (still), masses of empty plastic bags from different yarnshops accross the world, and a multitude of WIP's. Anyhow, for some strange reason, I picked up my summer top - you know the one in domino-squares. It is big - no "loose" fit, and of course Im running out of yarn. I refuse to rip it up... it was anyway a "free-form" experimental project, that Im now into saving. What happened is - I solved it. The puzzel of the squares. One of the problems was "under the arms" was a bit to open. I do not like the feel of sneak peak there - or a sweaty arm against the side (you hear I was dreaming of summer in a hot place - maybe vacation somewhere?) But big cotton yarn is great, I just K2tog a few times and now it fits great. The cleavage will be something to show on the beach! and just some extra squares will cover any bulges. It was fun. Im now thinking of straigh straps (saves yarn for lenght) or having the cross in the back for better stay up. Definitely buttoned in front. Maybe two button-holes so I can have the straps both ways. Clever. Exactly like this I rambled on last night. And then I got a phone call today from a co-worker that were picking up a job I did some years ago. I really thought about that job, it was one of three "full time tasks" that year. Anyhow, this was a great success - and my confidence really started to rise, by every word I described the project. I need to say those things to myself. It works! Yes Im clever. Yes what I do is a success. And I also noticed I have been copied by a third party. Husband claimed the best form of flattery is imitation. That also stuck. The anger transformed. I feel I have set an example in many respects. Even the most negative people to knit-blogs have started their own. Im glad Im inspiring. Not only for being so bloody clever and successful. But also that I irritate so many - that they happily can say - they are so much better than me. Both privatly and professionally. Mostly professionally though....They knit better, spell better, read patterns better, present better, are more well known, structured, well just are less messy. Congratulations. You have succeed to beat someone who is fantastic. I do feel great. Now research is just bubbling on the fingertips. Have you stop reading? Read my words: You are also fantastic- A success! Unique, no one like you. And I admire every one of my readers. And then my dear dear brother called. I miss you. It was so nice to hear your voice. Remember to call your near and dear! Ýour brothers and sisters. Oh dear brother. Go and see his exhibition in Sundsvall right now. And buy something! Now, I have a weekend in front of me. And Im on the role. I have also booked my trip to Seoul, South Korea. That will be an amazing trip. Yes my passport start to resemble me. A bit "tattered", but filled with good memories. Like this wrist band from Falun Museum from this summers knit-camp. Hmm.. Will the TOP be my August sweater? Yep - Im already behind. Time to catch up on everything. No, now I will go for my "good night knit" on my way to bed. Have a great weekend.