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Saturday, September 13, 2008

FO- Spring Forward socks!

Spring forward, a fun knit that resulted in Sproing sproing elastic socks. The August entry for the "StickaMera SockKlubb". I had the luck to pick up the original yarn "Socks that rock" in the colour "Gypsum" when I was overthere, so it was a bit unusual to knit with the real thing. And is it a soft, elastic yarn too.... I think this will be almost "too tight"... snug, or should a say, great for flying ;-)
The Clematis is still flowering its last flowers in this rainy autumn, and husband is taking the short break of rainshowers to move the lawn, that has grown beyond hope.
Me, I got hit by the cold, and my nose is running, my throat is throbbing and aching, and Im sipping Green tea, with honey and lime. I have had a good week, except yesterday, when the cold hitted hard. And for you renovation freaks, the bathroom nr 1 is getting almost ready. It looks so nice!
Hugs out there (virtual ones do not carry germs......).