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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

8574 meter - and it is only August!

I have knitted 8574 meters (approximate 9378 yards) this year to this date, and this is still counting the Plötulopi (förgarn) held in three, as ONE thread. This means I knit more than the kilometer a month. I must say, the "Sweater a Month" KAL has me in its grip, and the Lopi (or rather Plöulopi) is one of the reasons for this. I have knitted three sweaters in this lovely yarn THIS year. I'm proud, that did feel like a lot. And there is some fun statistics to do around that. For instance most of my sweaters are more than 1000 m /1 km each. So I got the formula! Some more weeks of summer knits, and soon it will be time for these lovelys again. Thanks to my friend Halla, my last "Im just going to complement my current ongoing knits..." during this spring, instead ended up with two large "Ica-bag's" of these lovelys. (yeah, it filled my large Ikea plastic container and some... Im already planning two wonderful hotties. I would love to go to Island and visit the real deal. How much have you knitted this year? Give me a number!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Progress and Ughs!

It is like art, is it not? The Paper yarn knitted with three different cotton yarns, two from Huskroken, and Filatura di Crosa Millefine (brown). A true free form top is being created. It is just so fun, but the yarn ends up a mess - so half the knitting time is to untangle it. Next will go into a very small bag, held tight. I hope that will work better.
So, 1/3 done. The second progress is this weird looking piece. Im so soon showing it off an FO - the Aachen Bliss sweater... and this is the collar, that will close the gap in the front, and be a great tight sweater, with a bitof lace and cables. So, expet collar, Im elongating it, since I realized the yarn is not enough for a hoodie as previously planned. But, im still thinking I should add a pocket. for the inhalator. Finally, I must show you this find from the warderobe. I do not thing it was THAT long ago I wipped it togheter, but it is really an Ugly thing. In very Estonian colours.. but, Im thinking a lot if I should DO someting to make it more useable. Or just transform it into a dishcloth... nah..But I sure had a laugh when I saw it. I guess the colours sounded better in my head. But a west or top it is. Just needs some short sleeves and something to make it wearable- maybe a bit change on the fashion? LOL! well now the bedroom and the dressing room is cleaned out including our three major wardrobes. Soon the renovation begins - the house is 100 years old this year.