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Friday, May 25, 2007

Tagged - 7 random facts about me!

Dearest Texas Mary tagged me ( I hope the storms didn't get you - I just watched CNN) and I will not pass this along.. Sorry - feel free! Anyhow some Random facts about me:

One: I use knitting magazines as a visiulizing aid to get to sleep, when Im wind up from work. Dreaming about great sweaters and indulging in fiber and colour (and yes - I admit) thinking about how much better I could desing, choose yarn and improve the pictures - gets me in a great mood of self-worth and fantasies that makes me tired with good dreams. (and I am a night owl - so Im constantly trying to go to bed earlier and get up earlier).

Two: I was a man-eater when I was younger. After 10+ years of intensive gestalt theraphy (becoming a gestalt therapist) and meeting my husband - I have eyes for no one else! That is true character change!

Three: Being on the subject of hubby, he is an excellent cook, so we are really wining and dining toghether - and a lot of candel-light dinners. First we chewed us through all resturants of Stockholm, then Melbourn Oz and now his great home-cooking. Being lazy by nature (and a computer-geek) I have gained weight like a hippopotamus- baby.

Four: Now being a hippo, I indulge in my earlier "greatness" in sports. I competed horses in show-jumping and cross-country events (have owned four of them), - which filled my bookshelf with prizes. I have danced classical ballet for 15 years, competed in volleyball ladies and mixed, have practiced Kioukyshin Karate, and I was definitely a disco-diva for years. I have run Solstastaffetten, Maja Gräddnos and DN-stafetten and other small races (no not marathon) with decent results.

Five: I have a ceramic studio in my basement - I loved it - but I saw great potterist (?) living of "nothing" and I do love economic security, so It is just another hobby alongside knitting, sailing, gardening and house improving.

Six: When I was 10 I posed as the Swedish Pippi Långstrump (Pippi longstocking) double, since we were at the same riding-camp. I handled the media -without them knowing! That was a true moment of fame for me. I think I would have been a great actor if I ever tried it.

Seven: Im a screen-addict. I watch to much TV in parallell with playing Civilzation (a computer game) , knitting, working, blogging etc... I feel this addiction is my greatest problem - which makes me a couch-potato. Anyhow, I seem to get a lot done in my life - I guess that is because absence of kids. Anyhow, I have really pulled my self into walking my 10 000 steps a day and cutting down a little on the choclate. And If I had lived in NY - I would take up Pilates with a very special great teacher - that is for sure!

Ttthatts alll foooolllllkkkss! Back to writing my Licenciate Thesis.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

FO: Enterlac-Sweater

Finally, (big sigh of relief) Im done with this 2(!)-year old UFO. Yarn is Jaeger - Matchmaker Merino in lilac and light blue. (3 lilac leftovers- 2 in my hand). Needlesize is 4. (and I think 3.5 had been better). And- this was my first attempt to make an enterlac sweater. I learned a lot with this sweater. First - NEVER use superwash yarn for an enterlac, since it will not be so smoothly when you lift the stiches, it doesn't fluff and is not even. Secondly, it must be an even number of squares - and even back and front. This is not, and the sleeve I have cleverly hidden ;-) is a bit bumpy in the connection to the body - since they just do not match. Anyhow, I really do not like this knit - having frogged the sleeve 4 times, so "lost it"and of course started a new knit which feels so much better. And I realized I do not like superwash. Never again. It has a plastic feel about it. Yepp, it is soft, and the colours are great, so I think I will definitely wear it. I have used it today and it was quite ok on the windy sea-side (yepp, we were fixing on the boat), so maybe it will be ok for "around the house".....Sweden has summer tempratures (19 Celcius) and very windy, so It was too hot to wear. The good thing is that this finished item brings me to the APRIL sweater in the Sweater a month KAL, so Im catching up. Before end of May - the May sweater should be done ;-) Anyhow, I guess bug was temporary, now comments are back. So check two posts down... I still think M-I-L sweater is fab. Had to put one more pic of it!