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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Commuting with knitting: Karamellvante and Riddari

Sharing a ride to work, I am lucky enough to sit on the side and knit. To the right is now a sweater started.. possible to the driver.. called "Riddari" - which suits well. I have now a long body of just plain stitches in the round, where I can still knit in the dark, chat the driver and look out so I do not get car-sick. A perfect "motorway" knitting, at least until I reach the yoke. Then there is one of the mittens (we need them as you can tell) that is named after the yarn, Karamell, (which is the variegated yarn from Östergötlands ullspinnery). Magically enough, also intended for the driver. This I knitted when train-commuting. Small and light - but still there are lights on the train. Even if I have lost several needles of the dpn on the train, I still like doing this type of knitting. Small enough to squeeze in. Just one more mitten to go. Otherwise, this is the first sun out today for "months" and we got at least some minutes before going back to research. The shadows are still long, but definitely on the way back to the light!