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Saturday, December 30, 2006

Stash order in Yarnroom(s)

Inspired by Mary (just look at that pool-yarn photo - great blog she has!) who recently cleaned up her yarn-cave, I gave up the internal fight. I have promised myself to never buy IKEA bookshelfs again (since Im very allergic to the formaldehyd glue in the chipped board). I had of course hoped to find some big clumsy old glass-door thingi to stash all my yarn into. But no. No luck! Anyhow, with the mixed feeling you have as a winner and looser in an internal fight, I went to the very near IKEA (in Sweden they are never far away) and got 4 Billy with glass doors in Oak venear. Of course, why 4? Well, that was the number that could fit the Mazda 626 (yep, the ol'gal). I wanted at least 5 (but to be honest 6 is the number here!) Hubby was a darling putting them together, and I was busy filling it up and emptying my scattered boxes. I had about 15 of these white ones (also from IKEA) and 10 of the red cardboard (double size) that you can glimpse a bit of, in my yarn-room. Yarn room was not only yarn, but a bunch of clutter. Anyhow M-i-Law and F-i-Law came for a visit, and as you know from earlier picturs, she is a knitter too. So, I thought, why not have one Billy to tempt her in the guest room? Here it is. The result: A yarnilishious Billy! I guess you would like to have a better peak of what is inside? I do. And I got so exited with this very orderly yarn stash.I almost ripped all plastic off. Im hysteric about moths and other yarn-destroyers. Lets have a look from the top: First, top left is the very fake corner of Lana Grossa. All from Dusseldorf. All soft and almost furry, eyelash yarn, and some novelity yarn. Middle (light silver) and to the right is Rowan summer tweed that ends up with the lime Garnstudio linnen-wool tweed. Very nice yarn, but a bit short in the fiber. Next row is all Färgkrafts wonderful colourings. To the left you see Bronzegold, Troll-woods, and Raspberry dreams (and other inspired yarn-names) and to the right is a bunch of turquoise lime yummy yarn. Most of these are one-threaded, some are two threaded. It is all from Swedish sheep, hand picked by Margaret herself, and spun by Kempe's (?), and of course coloured by her. More about the great course at Färgkraft see earlier postings from this summer. Definitely both scarfes and sweaters in there! The next two shelfs are from a Norway happy meeting. It is the Great (but crazy expensive with customs) "Du store Alpakka". Left are the Babyalpakka-silk, mid are other alpakka (from Catalina! and Debbie Bliss) and to the right on the top - all in plastic is alpakka. Great colourscheme. Below (left) is one of the best of Swedish yarn quality: Östergötlands Ullspinneri. If you are not from Sweden and want a luxury wool yarn, soft as cotton. This is the yarn for you. Great in blue colours. If you are into green, their colours there are so so.The great lime in the middle is PATAGONIA - Nature wool chunky from Nysta. To the right (white and more darker green) is the Elsebeth Lavold yarn, silk-tweed. I do have a pattern from her. She is also one of the great Swedish exports. A true pattern-producer that is soo elegant. Can you take it? Or does this little report make you as happy as Im? Just the last bottom two shelfs: . Here top left are the yarn from Ullcentrum (but I still believe it is spun and coloured in Estonia/Latvia if you look at the colour-schemes!)
The white, green and red are special yarn for the Hälsinge (Swedish heritage) sweaters: Forsa, Delsbo etc. That is special made in Finland I have heard). Wonderful wool. And to the far right (purple and dark) as well as on the lower shelf to the right is yarn from Estonia and Latvia. The top is bought at Ullomera, very reasonable, honest woolyarn, but not supersoft and a bit "dull" colours. The pre-yarn (blueish) is also from there. Ok, finally bottom shelf. To the left is Guernsy yarn from UK (darkblue) and the pelswool (for scarfs) from Östergötlands Woolspinnery (again). And more Estonian/Latvian yarn bought on location. So, now I just need to do a more detailed list. But - it is a start. Now you have time to protest: Do you want all my shelfs in this detail manner? You tell me. Im not done. Not nearly done. And I still have yarn in boxes. But finally weekend again. (Yepp, I DID work these inbetween days!)