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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

My ears are RED....

No, my ears are red, is NOT due to the cold winter weather (it is surprisingly warm now) but to the fact that this blog have been nominated to "you make my day" at dear Millie's blog Stiches and Stories. Well, I think it is amazing that someone across the world even find me. Yet alone apprechiating my "broken" english/american... But it is encouraging, that I have an audience. Having trouble living up to this fantastic grace Im diving into my knits again. That is humbling. This is the current focus: Poetry of Stiches (Dikt i maskor) by Solveig Hisdahl. This is the Wedding Cardigan. But Im not using the kit, Im such a good girl taking the yarn from Stash (bought at Gunga Din) which I very much suspect is Kampes (!) yarn and beads from Indian market... Also, the lighter burgundy (not the purple) is a gift from Zoë in the tea cup swap - Jamieson Shetland spindrift. To this I have also added one strand of yellow silk (you will see...). The main problem with this is: The pattern calles for 30x34 and I have 20x ? (!!!) as gauge. Really something to laborate with. But it makes it easier to "fit" it to my size. Since the biggest complaint is that it is fjord-climing Norweigian models that Hisdahl is knitting for - meaning small and medium. She never met a full size women poor thing. Having also "nagged" at Oleana - who has the greatest patterns, but carries Max XL and only very rarely... Well, It is an experience, since the sweater is a completely different experience, when all patterns is enlarged. So Im knitting "small" and it will become a great XXXL. Well, I have started to exercise, but it is not even close shrinking. I think people who knit a lot - that are mini's that is another thing. But It is really a "third" more sweater on us. Anyhow, when it becomes too much "pattern", I swiftly jump over to a free-knit. Cable- vest done in Debbie Bliss Maya yarn. Quick and easy, but fun with just experimenting with cabling. Very similar to Braid from Rowan..this square lattice... But Im knitting it from the back-side. It is really great actually. It creeps up on me this "I must do things in a certain order" why did I sing up for all this? Two Sock KAL's and one Mitten KAL, and the Sweater a month KAL is ticking. I will so not live up to it all. But - knitting is fun, so keep them jamming! It is obviously the Sticka-sock who is February. And Jaywalker sock.. and then we have some great Cable mittens (in finish!)... Ohlala! BTW. Brother tells me it was Sandviken and not Gävle he had his exhibition, and it does not matter now, it is already back in storage. Sigh...Pictures, I say PICTURES! Im also in the "Knit a MILE" KAL for January - I will not make it. Im just reaching 900 meters... And then "Finish UFO's in February".. well yah, that is i feable attempt to at least finish ONE of all of them. Pressure! Now, I really must knit some more.
Love to you all my knitting - blogging friends!