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Saturday, July 14, 2007

Vacation starts today! But first some London (1)

Ahh! First day of vacation - spent cutting off dead flowers and getting the weeds out! It is sunshine. I have days to fix all I have pushed in front of me! It is just fantastic. Anyhow, the last week was spent in London, on conference - with the worst "Delhi-Belly" I have had. Basically, no eating and stomack pain. Then being to hungry and eating sandwishes... which had a "bad end". Anyhow, great conference. I learned a lot (which was the purpose this time). Unfortonately not really fit for knitting or socializing with 20 visits to the "loo" a day (and night). But do not feel sorry for me at all. This was just spice to life, salmonella? Well, waiting for results....The worst part was a dear friend of mine just past his 50th, died of Lungcancer. He was a smoker, and of course, even if that was not the direct cause, Im sure it made him more vulnerable.That was a chock. Gets you thinking. I have cried. It helps. Life is too short. So, maybe that is why those wonderful balls of yarn was such a comfort. This top one is from Stash (but really, Handpainted Silk from Handmaiden - Canada - crazy). Just that right summer colour for a scarf. Anyhow, the conference had a great reception at the London Eye (with great small nibblets and Chablis). Which I ate too much too quick and it had record-speed through the system ;-( Ongoing joke! Serious Knitting blog: Back to business:Three yarnshops was visited: Liberty, Loop and Stash (and in that order). Liberty had moved their yarn and it looked like they had expanded. Always expensive, it was sale. And that big wool in lime looked fab - as the yellow Siena. But, something made me turn off ("Gut-feeling"?) so I just walked away with the booklet "Classic". Lot of nice patterns, patting myself how great my stash at home is (ha!). This was one of evenings. The "big" shopping day was after conference - 3 hours of Bliss! btw. London is humid hot - but sizzling great.
Tomorrow you have a LOOP "blog" visit and review, and the same goes day after on Stash (which of course is already reviewed!). Meanwhile, Im knitting away on Noro Kochoran sweater. It is just that comfy knitting I need right now.